Rise bug: course label change affects all user's courses

I noticed that if I change the labels in one of my courses, particularly the "Start Course" and "Lesson X of Y" labels, this change affects the rest of the courses I have instead of just the particular course I'm working on. Not sure if this is the intended functionality, but it's completely unacceptable, each course needs to have its own set of labels.

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Curtis Benhayon

From what l understand this is a set function within each Articulate Rise Licence Seat. I agree that this is restrictive, it would be great if we were able to adjust the setting requirements within each course. If you are working in another Seat you can make changes.

So, from my experience the settings are locked in per seat not per course.

I have also noticed that if l have particular settings in one seat and then pass on the course to another seat the settings revert back to the default settings which is a definite issue because the required settings have to them be reinstated.

Hope above helps, Robert Wild