Rise courses dont work in Internet Explorer

Mar 20, 2017

hi all,

we are testing our rise modules in both the chrome and IE, but the modules only worked in chrome, not IE. We have v11. Any ideas?



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Katie Riggio

Welcome, Ferlet! Sorry you've also come across this issue in IE11.

Looks like folks are using Chrome while Cornerstone investigates this behavior in IE11. Another option can be to enable LMS debug mode to capture the communication flowing back and forth between Cornerstone and your Rise course. Then, share the log with your CSOD LMS administrator.

The data there could help the team quickly nail down the culprit. If you're able to share the log with us, we're also happy to help you interpret it!

kelsey rodgers

Any updates to why Rise courses don't launch in IE? Cornerstone is our LMS. 

Here's why it needs to work in IE. Many of our internal business systems are IE only. So in the flow of work, it's natural for people to launch training in IE. Yes - Rise will work out of Chrome - if our employees are working in a Chrome browser, which most are not. 

Rebecca Fellows

We have the same issue. Any course built in Rise flickers/ crashes in IE.

IE is our organisation's default browser. Whilst I have the compatibility turned off (however the course still does NOT work in IE) we cannot expect our learners to know or perform this check each time they commence our courses - this is not an effective end user solution. 

I have tested the course in Scorm Cloud and the course still flickers/ crashes in IE.

Our LMS is Totara 2.5.

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