Rise created Online Courses not Marking Complete in LMS when user is on a MAC

Currently we have two courses made using RISE- and this course will sometimes not mark complete (or track anytime spent in the course) even if the user has gone through it completely. This only occurs with MAC users. 

Is there a setting or something we are not doing in the scorm creation that can resolve this issue? 


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Renz Sevilla

Hi Christy! Thanks for reaching out! To pinpoint what may be causing the issue, we suggest first testing the issue on SCORM Cloud and find out the MAC OS version the user is using as well as the browser they had trouble with.

 is very reliable for LMS testing because it's an industry standard. If it works on SCORM Cloud for your users, you may contact your LMS Admin with the results. They should be able to help you with your LMS. If it still doesn't work on SCORM Cloud, we'd be happy to test it on our side, if you'd like. You can share the output file with us privately by clicking here. 

Leah Hemeon

Hi there Christy - just throwing my two cents in here two. What browser is your user using on a Mac? I have experienced issues with tracking when using an older version of Safari on a Mac. This was with SCORM in a Moodle environment. Similar happened with users on older versions of Internet Explorer. This was happening with any SCORM package not just Rise though so it may not be the case for you. Just thought I'd share the extra bits to investigate. Renz is right though - running full testing in SCORM Cloud is absolutely a best practice. It helps iron out whether the issues is related to the package or if it's your LMS.


(Not affiliated with Articulate - just someone with a lot of experience troubleshooting SCORM courses)