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Shelly Williams

I own an elearning development business, and as part of my contracting with many organizations, they require ALL source files upon project completion.  

It would be great if Articulate could come up with a way that I could send my clients a source file for Rise courses that they could edit later (without me being involved).  

Many of my clients don't have an Articulate 360 subscription and just want me to develop the courses and send them the LMS published versions, BUT, they want the source files for future editing (they want the option to buy a subscription in the future to be able to do edits on their own).

Any plans for this soon?

Renz Sevilla

Hi Shelly!

Thanks for reaching out! For now, you can use the send a copy feature to send your clients a copy once they sign up for an Articulate 360 subscription. Your client can then export those courses for Web and host them on their own servers. However, those courses are only editable on rise.articulate.com.  

If anything changes, we'll let you know!

Darren Coleman

I'd echo the points above. It's an incredibly restrictive and controlling business model.

As someone that is new to Articulate Rise I have just had a course saved as a SCORM package and now the designer has said they are no longer going to subscribe to Rise.

With this in mind if I obtain a Zip of the SCORM package will I be able to share that with someone that has Articulate Rise for them to edit - once it has been uploaded as a new course? This goes off this comment "There isn't a way to upload the output file back into Rise 360, but you can always use it to create a new course.""

Cat Korpela

I echo all of the above comments. I love the clean look and ease of use of Articulate products, but I also need to be able to provide source files to my clients. As a freelancer, once I develop a course, I need to be able to hand it over to my client so that they can make changes/edits on their own. Some of my clients also need to be able to host courses on their own servers. If I am reading the above comments correctly, at this point, the only way they'd be able to make changes would be to add them as collaborators. This would require me to maintain my subscription well into the future. Given that the above comments are a couple of years old, have there been any updates on this issue? Has anyone come up with a workable solution?

Tim St. Clair

Get the client to buy and maintain an Articulate licence for as long as they want maintain the code. Transfer the course to them using the 'send a copy' feature. Hosting the published course is fine since that's just a bundle of web pages / zip package. Editing requires the hosting platform which is proprietary. I guess it makes more sense for Articulate to just getmore people to buy and hold a licence rather than offering a 'long term archive' or 'downloadable source package'. I can't see this changing.

Cat Korpela

Yes, that's the conclusion I came to as a workaround but it's a hefty price
tag for a client to take on just for the odd small edit or picture change.
Ideally, I guess, it would be nice if Articulate had a subscription for
clients that would allow for very limited edits to existing courses that
clients own.

2Training Loan

Imagine Adobe doing this - it would halt the desktop publishing business in its track.
So i hope that the years of "tracking" users opinion is enough to implement this as simply a hygienic factor of  being able to comply with customers demands or developers demands that actually originates from their customers. So could be a case of knowing the needs of your customers customer.

We would in our organization use this for compliance purposes.

Rise has a brilliant outlook going forward but when looking in the forums, years  and many years old feature requests which are already available in storyline - one has to wonder whats the strategy, mid long term for Rise360?

Adobe is revamping their captivate offering completely - and very soon. So if it is lack of competition  - that will change.

Scott Taylor

Offering a source file export (similar to Storyline) would be a HIGE benefit to me and my organisation too - please do seriously consider offering this!  I actually wasn't aware of this limitation until recently and now may need to rebuild certain courses in Storyline360 in order to have the source content available.

Janet Han

Adding my voice to this discussion, I agree with everything that's been said here. Rise is a great product and we would love to recommend it to our clients, but the requirement for the client to get and maintain an Articulate 360 licence in order to have the ability to edit Rise modules at some point down the road is a dealbreaker. I understand that this works great for internal learning and development teams but it's a problem for contractors and agencies. Would be great to know the rationale from Articulate behind not offering an alternative despite the clear need for it.

Eric Fox

This is the main reason I advise any serious elearning developer or organization to stay far away from Articulate Rise. With no option to download or import your source/authoring files, your authoring files are essentially held hostage by Articulate, requiring you to have an Articulate 360 subscription in perpetuity if you ever need to go back and edit your courses. And guess what? Most courses need to be revised or edited at some point.

This system is a great way for Articulate to trap its users into a never-ending (overpriced) subscription, but it is a terrible deal for any course developer or organization. If you want to actually have ownership over the course authoring files you spend so much time working on, go with an open-source solution like H5P.