Storyline Block in Rise is not locating the published Storyline project uploaded to Articulate 360


I was just trying to test the new Storyline block feature that was recently added to Rise. I added a block for Storyline, and when I clicked on the button to choose a Storyline project, it showed a blank screen with a message that said no Storyline projects have been published. I then republished a Storyline project, but it never showed up as one to choose from.  Does it take awhile before it becomes available?

Any help you can give will be appreciated!

Marty Evans

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Ali Goulet

Hey Martin,

Sorry you're running into that, I'm happy to dig in here!

Are you currently running the latest update for Storyline 360? Only courses that are published to Articulate 360 from Storyline 360 version 3.9.13488.0 or later will appear in the selection window for the Storyline Block. 

Here's how to check for updates in Storyline 360.

Keep me posted!