Survey or Short Answer Questions

Jun 28, 2017

Absolutely love Rise, but one feature I'm hoping is coming in the future, or better yet, I'm just not realizing is an option.

I'd love the ability to put in a box for my end users to fill out their own thoughts on a subject, a survey or short answer question.  Is that something that's possible in Rise? 

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Tabatha Willis

Hi! Checking to see if there have been any updates to adding a free form text question/survey question to rise? We would like to be able to ask the learner for information and view the data periodically to make adjustments/updates to the course itself.

If not, is there a way to set a knowledge check fill-in-the-blank question to accept any answer and not state incorrect/correct?  Or change the incorrect icon/try again text that is displayed with just a continue option?

Crystal Horn

No updates yet, Tabatha. The best way to capture survey-style data in a Rise 360 is to embed a survey tool, like Google Forms or SurveyMonkey. Currently, knowledge checks and quiz questions require a correct answer designation and will provide feedback accordingly.

We'll update this discussion with any changes!

layton fogah

I think I am in the right thread.   I am designing a course that displays different personality types.   I am asking students to select a list of traits that is applicable to them.   There isn't a right or wrong answer but I would like to use the check box functionality to capture their responses and send it to the LMS so that they can refer to it in the future.  Can this be done through Articulate RISE?     

Michael Anselmo

We need survey questions as well.  The client wants to extract this information form the learners.  Has this been added yet?  Another item missing that we need!  Bummer!  I'd use SL360, but this client is all mobile devices, and SL360 is not responsive in the way they want it to look (seamless).  Course look so nice on mobile devices, but it's just still lacking more interactivity, the ability to start courses over when completed, audio in scenarios, to name a few. Sorry, but once again, I get excited about something new the clients ask for, and then have to give the bad news....just a little frustrated, I'm sorry.