Title Character limit limitation with Rise 360 Module

Dec 16, 2020

Hello e-learning hero community,

I am hoping someone has come across the same issue and is able to help me. I am developing a module in Rise in Spanish. The title is quite long and and for some reason I am not able to add any additional character limits. Has anyone else had this issue? If so please share how you have resolved it, obviously I can not shorten the title of this module. Thank you so much. 

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Jon Verey

Hi there! I'm also running into the title character limit issue when translating medical/scientific courses into other languages. The english version is already lengthy but within character limit, then the Italian version with more characters goes over the limit. 

Additionally, I've also noticed with scenario block translations, using XLIFF export/import, the import will override the character limits, but then the text cannot be edited directly in Rise.