Undo option?

Mar 28, 2017

I don't know if I missed it, but if there isn't one already, Rise really needs an "undo" option. I just accidentally deleted text from a course I was reviewing and it took forever to find the original text to restore it. A simple undo option would have saved a lot of time. 

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Nikki Gattone

Yes there should be an undo option that is always available, also maybe include like a Work history panel that shows all of your history similar to Photoshop and you can click to go back and delete items you accidentally didn't mean to click.  An undo option is a definitely needed!  Thank you!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Kimberly,

If you delete an entire lesson or a block item, you'll see an Undo button appear in the lower left corner of the screen. If you delete text from a lesson, try using the keyboard command Control + z or Command + z to undo the deletion.

I hope that helps clarify, and we'll keep you posted here if we add more functionality to the Undo feature in the future!

Leonie Lawson

Really annoyed. I have accidentally deleted a section on Rise and 'just' missed the 3 second window to click undo. This thread started a year ago and there is still no fix. It should be a basic feature. I have just lost a lot of work due to a stupid error and would have thought that there would at least be an added safeguard in place to prevent this happening i.e "are you sure you want to delete this section"...I clicked the wrong section, a simple delayed message could have prevented this. 

Martika Cox

Hi Grit and Grace and Eric,

Thanks for reaching out! I understand why having a solution to revert back to an earlier version of a course would be useful.

Our team is exploring a solution to this issue. We'll make sure we share updates here!

Please reach out if you have other questions - I'd be happy to help!

Allison LaMotte

Hi Michael,

If you delete an entire lesson or a block item, you'll see an Undo button appear in the lower left corner of the screen. If you delete text from a lesson, try using the keyboard command Control + z or Command + z to undo the deletion.

I hope that helps! We'll keep you posted here if we add more functionality to the Undo feature in the future.

Natalie Sikes

I'm not sure where to submit feature requests, but I'll submit them to you,
since you've been very responsive. :)

1. Create a permanent UNDO option for blocks, lessons, everything. In
addition, put in a prompt asking the user if he/she really wants to delete
the block.

2. Add more flexibility to move blocks between lessons and move images
around within galleries/carousels. This is really critical in the design
process, since the designer is always moving things around as the training
evolves and when receiving feedback from the SMEs. At this point, I'm using
the template block as the workaround for moving blocks, but this is not
ideal when you have no intention for using those blocks again. As for the
images, I end up having to delete everything and start over any time I
change my mind about the order in galleries or carousels.

3. Add more flexibility to the block layouts. It would be really nice if I
could adjust the spacing, alignment, or image placement. In general, the
blocks are very rigid, and I find it pretty frustrating during development.
I understand that there needs to be some rigidity for a responsive design,
but it would be nice to have more layout options to work with so the
overall design doesn't look so repetitive.

4. It would be nice if the Storyline blocks appeared automatically on a
mobile device like they do on a desktop. I often use static Storyline
blocks simply for a variety of design options, but it doesn't work if the
user has to click on a video play button just to show some graphics or
text. If there were more design options on Rise, I wouldn't feel the need
to use as many Storyline blocks.

5. Add some sub-blocks

Anyway, those are my major requests. I think Rise is a really good start
and hope that future updates will add these features.

Thanks for listening,

Leonie Lawson

Hi Natalie, I just use Articulate 360 like you, but just wanted to mention, you can change the order of images in a carousel/ gallery by click and drag in the editing area. Select the image and hover over the left side until three dots appear, then drag in the order you want. If you were meaning, moving images between different areas of a lesson, that would be an amazing addition! 

Natalie Sikes

Thanks! I tried doing something like that with the images, but it didn't
work for me for some reason. I'll try again using your instructions. I
haven't been using Rise for very long, but I'm finding that you often have
to do things just right and to hover over very specific targets to make
things work.

I appreciate the help!