Videos to Automatically Play in Rise

Oct 12, 2018

Is there a way to have videos automatically start to play in Rise when the user reaches that section of the session?

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Ted Stefaniw

I think there should be an auto-play feature. True, it might be annoying when surfing the internet and something plays automatically, but our employees are not surfing the internet when they open a  Rise training they are there to view the training! And a video that launches when that section is reached, definitely adds more impact than having to launch it manually. I think many would agree!

Allison LaMotte

Hi there,

We've shied away from auto-playing audio and video because it's really non-standard on mobile devices. In fact, most phone browsers actually prevent auto-play of media; it needs to be user-initiated. 

I appreciate you chiming in with what you'd like to see, since the ideas shared here in E-Learning Heroes contribute to our product roadmap. 

We're still monitoring these requests as we consider what features to add to Rise in the future. You're in the right place to stay up to date! 

In the meantime, if there's anything else I can do to help, please let me know!

Susan Holland

Autoplay inside of a SCORM course running inside of an LMS should REALLY have the option to autoplay anything the content creators choose.  We shouldn't be held host behind people who complain to Google about you-tube videos.  This is clearly not the same thing.  Trying to create professional, quality eLearning is dependent on having the flexibility to create.  Please change this policy and allow autoplay in Rise and also autoplay of storyline blocks when put into Rise. 

Teammate Learning and Development

Totally agree with you Ted. Rise - and Storyline - Modules are exactly that, Modules, NOT surfing the internet. In the case of surfing the internet, there are several sites that have video (or video-like) splash screens; I have no issue with that and, with today's internet speeds, they really are not detrimental to the overall use or navigation of the site.

However, I can see where they would become a pain in the - uh - butt, like on Facebook. Thus, the option to "deactivate" the autoplay feature. But, not offering one - especially in Rise - is a little frustrating. I am looking at and trying several suggestions, all to no avail. I am hoping to find a fix or workaround this as having an opening video "banner" play automatically when one of my users opens a Course greatly enhances the experience and immediately gets them engaged.

Zsolt Olah

For storytelling purposes we should be able to autoplay (and autostop :)). 

Try this on a desktop. Scroll down to the video. This was created for my ATD ICE session two years ago. The purpose was to have this running on its own as people are coming to the session.


Katy Atkinson

I agree that autoplay should be an option, just as it is in Storyline. For some videos, having a play button is great, but there are many situations where I would want and need content to automatically play. This applies to audio as well. I feel like the developer should be able to decide. I hope this is something Articulate looks into in the future for Rise courses.  

Cass Netzley

Our team utilizes Wisita as a video hosting platform. Wistia offers the granularity in video setup/staging we desire. There's a bevy of options for email campaigns, use as a light-box video on WordPress pages we develop, and other embed format types. Thumbnails can be actual video snippets (you define time frame), a custom image, or image pulled from a particular point in the video itself. Also, the autoplay can be defined to loop, or stop at a certain point.

Here's an example of one of our videos embedded into Rise with the autoplay feature configured.
Edit: I've changed the settings to mute the audio upon autoplay to spare headphone users and those in an open office from hearing some marketing-esque verbiage/music out of the gate. :)

Christopher Foster

Hi, Allison! I'm going to add my voice here, too. We really need the ability to auto-play, auto-stop, loop, etc. videos within the course. I can think of multiple use cases where this would be extremely helpful to both me and the learners taking my course - particularly having video auto-start/stop when it comes in/out of view on the page.

Megan palmer

I completely agree! Personally, I don't think it is annoying when videos autoplay. This is really a creative disagreement. But the point is that you (Adobe creators) don't gain anything by limiting creativity...which is what you are doing by purposefully making "non-features." For example, having video backgrounds is very much the new trend in polished presentations. I think limiting creativity in this way goes against your mission.

Allison LaMotte

Hi Megan,

Some modern browsers, like Safari and Chrome now block autoplay audio and video. This keeps Storyline 360 content from playing automatically.

Since we can't change browser settings (if only we had that kind of power!), we updated our software to allow learners to view video content regardless of browser restrictions.

Let me know if you have any other questions. :)

Susan Holland

I think you are missing the point.  For those of us creating Rise and Articulate SCORM courses, the browser doesn't stop the autoplay inside of a scorm. Therefore as a company you need to allow the creators to have that option.  Chrome has went back and forth with their releases because there was much outcry to allow autoplay.   Even to the point now that if you visit a website frequently, Chrome will allow autoplay on that site.   

Please reconsider your position to allow autoplay.

Gillian Vazey

Hi All,

I must admit to being surprised at Articulate's position on this  matter.

I would have thought that their somewhat paternalistic approach would have been inimical to a company that holds itself out as being responsive to customer feedback.

If having an autoplay as a "non feature" is being touted as being one of eLearnings universal truths, why is it available in Storyline?  

Was there a special dispensation?

This is a step backwards in my view.

Articulate, please give me the freedom to make my own mistakes, after all I am eligible to vote in parliamentary elections.

Kyle Jenkins

In the context of many eLearning applications, autoplaying videos is strictly a user convenience. My users are visiting my training courses for express purpose of consuming the content - it is not an unwanted piece of media running in the background.

Imagine visiting a YouTube video which required you to manually click to play.

If I set a video as the sole focus of a section, users should not have to click the video to initiate the content - in this case it becomes an extra useless click. Sub-optimal interactions like these will inevitably reduce the perceived quality of the production.

As Cass demonstrated above, there are ways to achieve this with embedded third party players. Until Articulate understands this need, we'll just need to use those as a workaround.

Jessica Rose

Autoplay would be a HUGE help for my group.  Users complain there are 'too many clicks' as it is.  If they scroll down to the next block, having audio automatically start while they read the text would be easier instead of them having to click to start.  Some people don't even realize the audio is there so we have to add notes to click play.  

Derick Young

I agree, but you have to think of your audience...which mine wants it to play with no clicks. Of course I can always create a SL course and embed it in Rise, but when there is only so much time to roll out this feature would be nice. And you can always have the videos/audio on mute like FB and IG. Until you click on the video it will play without sound now. Making progress!