Each organization has unique training needs based on factors like the company’s size, industry, or location. But one training need that all organizations have in common is creating compliance courses that satisfy legal or regulatory requirements. 

Compliance training covers various topics—such as harassment, cyber security, and ethics. To put it mildly, those aren’t always the most exciting topics for learners. As a course creator, it’s your job to spice things up and transform that dry content into an engaging course learners might actually enjoy. To give you inspiration, we’ve rounded up our favorite compliance training examples that show creative ways to breathe life into your next project. Let’s dive in!

Rise 360: Phishing 101 - What You Need to Know

Help learners identify email scams by exploring a labeled graphic in this information security course by Trina Rimmer.

Rise 360: Utilities Company Code of Conduct

This legal course by Nicole Legault keeps employees and vendors engaged with sorting activities and interactive flashcards.

Storyline: Government Ethics Compliance Training

Grab learners’ attention by starting with a knowledge check that assesses their prior knowledge, like Elizabeth Pawlicki did in this course for special government employees. 

Rise 360: Conflict of Interest Compliance Example

Get learners invested in course content early by starting with a case study that adds a human element, like in this ethics course by Trina Rimmer.

Storyline: HIPAA Compliance Example

This medical-themed course by Allison LaMotte uses text-to-speech audio and closed captions to make it accessible and inclusive for all learners to understand patient privacy.

Rise 360: Government Ethics Training on Financial Disclosures

Test learners’ knowledge of course content using the scenario block, like in this regulatory course by Kimberly Eng.

Rise 360: Media Company Workplace Harassment Course

This anti-discrimination course by Trina Rimmer ensures employees complete all required content by restricting navigation and using locked continue blocks.

Storyline: Phishing Simulation Example

Give learners a chance to practice their critical thinking skills and determine if emails are legitimate in this cyber security course by Marcus Miers.


Hopefully, these examples sparked some new and creative ideas that you can use in your next compliance course. Thanks to our community members who share their creative examples through weekly challenges, downloads, and examples, it’s easy to find inspiration on any course topic you can imagine. What other types of examples would you like to see? Share your thoughts in a comment below.

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