Designing e-learning on serious topics like health and safety poses an interesting challenge: how do you create a course that conveys critical information while engaging learners? Thankfully, many talented E-Learning Heroes community members know just how to tackle that situation and are kind enough to share their projects. 

So if you’re drawing a blank on how to design a compelling health or safety course, look no further—we’ve rounded up some of the most helpful examples to inspire your next e-learning endeavor.

Rise 360: Construction Safety

Allow learners to explore personal protective equipment with an interactive labeled graphic in this job site safety course by Nicole Legault

Storyline: Donating Blood

See how this adorable project by Jen Edgerton takes a topic that can make some folx squeamish and presents it in an approachable way.

Rise 360: Wash Your Hands Course

Teach the four essential steps for proper handwashing through checklists, video, and a labeled graphic in this personal hygiene course by Tracy Carroll

Storyline: Know Your Fire Extinguisher

Invite learners to discover what type of extinguisher to use on different types of fires by clicking through the tabs in this helpful project by Andy Gibson

Rise 360: Spotting and Managing Burnout

Help folx evaluate their mental health by including a self-assessment, like in this thoughtful course by Chris Foster.

Storyline: Scenario-Based Health & Safety Course

Give employees the chance to test their risk assessment skills with this video game inspired experience by Josh Goodswen.

Rise 360: Construction Hazard Checklist Job Aid

Provide just-in-time support—like safety checklists—and ensure learners engage with content by using locked continue blocks in this interactive job aid by Nicole Legault

Storyline: Hazardous Waste Safety Example

Give learners a safe space to test their knowledge by simulating a real-life scenario in this immersive course by Ray Cole.

Rise 360: Food Allergy Awareness

Grab learners’ attention by testing their knowledge before diving into the course content, like in this insightful project by Allison LaMotte.

Storyline: Medical Course Starter Template

Get a headstart on your next health-themed course by swapping the placeholder text in this customizable template by Montse with your own content.

Rise 360: Workplace Safety 101

See how combining videos, images, and a labeled graphic creates an interactive experience in this injury prevention course by Nicole Legault.


Now that you’ve seen examples of how you can share important content while keeping learners’ attention, I hope you’re excited to take on your next health and safety e-learning assignment! And don’t forget to keep an eye on the weekly challenges, downloads, and examples—we constantly update them with new projects. 

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