When designing an e-learning course, it’s important to not just teach information to learners but also to test their understanding with knowledge checks and quizzes. Rather than a standard exam, get creative with the features in Rise 360 and Storyline 360 to design quizzes that engage learners and get them thinking deeply about the course content. 

To give you a jump start on your next quiz—or just to see what’s possible—we’ve gathered some inspiring examples created by the E-Learning Heroes community. Read on to see their unique approaches to testing learners!

Storyline 360: Pre-Test Template

Guide learners to specific course content based on how they perform with this customizable project by Nicole Legault

Rise 360: Phishing 101—What You Need to Know

Check out this information security course by Trina Rimmer to see how you can incorporate knowledge checks, sorting activities, and an embedded quiz from the web. 

Storyline 360: Flashback Quiz

Go back in time with this themed quiz by Sarah Hodge to see how you can use a simple click and reveal to test learners’ knowledge.

Rise 360: 1912 Anatomy Quiz

See how to transform a hundred-year-old exam into a fresh drag-and-drop experience like Rema Merrick does in this modernized quiz.

Storyline: Course Template with Pre-Check and Final Evaluation

Give learners the option to take the course or test out of it with this customizable template by Allison LaMotte

Rise 360: A Quiz to Build Buy-in for More Learning

This employee engagement course by Trina Rimmer guides learners to additional content that fits their needs based on their quiz scores.

Storyline: Unconscious Bias Quiz

Get inspired by Steve Andrews’s game-like quiz that uses a playful approach to testing learners’ knowledge. 

Rise 360: Workplace Safety 101

Ensure learners complete all required content—including the final quiz—like Nicole Legault does in this injury prevention course.

Storyline: Gamified Quiz Template With Timer

Insert a healthy dose of competition by having learners race against the clock with this colorful template by Sarah Hodge.

Rise 360: Food Allergy Awareness

Before diving into course content, why not start with a pre-test to see what learners already know, like Allison LaMotte does in this attention-grabbing course.


Hopefully, these community-created examples inspire you to put your own quizzing skills to the test! With so many creative ideas, the possibilities for evaluating learners’ knowledge are truly endless. 

And if you’re looking for even more inspiring projects, check out our weekly challenges, downloads, and examples—you’ll be sure to find fresh ideas and resources you can incorporate into your next course. 

What are your favorite ways to test learners’ knowledge? Share your thoughts in a comment below.

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