Creating the Paper Cutout Effect

In this less we'll add the final touches to our car image by applying a trendy outline effect to it.

If you're following along, I'm still working in Lesson Files > Chapter_03 > CutoutShadow.pptx.

Creating the outline shape

  1. With the transparent car image open, go to Insert > Shape and select the Scribble Line
  2. Click-drag a loose selection around the car image
  3. Continue dragging your selection to complete the shape. When you release your mouse, you should see something similar to the following shape:
  4. Change the Fill color to white and remove the Shape Outline
  5. Right-click the shape and Send to Back to place it below the car and drop shadow

Adding a drop shadow to the scribble shape

Do you want to take things up notch? Try adding a drop shadow to the cutout shape to create even deeper perspective in your image.

  1. Select the white shape you just moved to the back
  2. Go to Format > Shape Effects > Shadow > Shadow Options... and enter the following values for the shadow:
  3. Click Close to view the final effect

What's next?

That's it for the course elements. In the next chapter, you'll create custom Slide Masters for the course.

David Anderson