Backing Up Your Audio

One of the benefits from recording your audio externally is the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a backup.

When you record into Presenter, your source audio remains in the .ppta file. Now, it's perfectly safe to record in Presenter, but that's your only copy. If something happens, and anything can, you'll appreciate having a backup version.

This was just some quick pick-up audio. We might not care about keeping it as part of our source files. Especially if we're considering re-recording externally later. But, it's good to know and since we already have the Audio Editor open.

To backup your audio:

  1. Click Articulate > Audio Editor to open the Audio Editor
  2. Click the Articulate icon
  3. Click Export > WAV

Here's an added bonus: Audio is renamed to include the slide number and title for each slide.

What's Next?

In the next and final lesson in this chapter, we'll make some customizations to our course player including colors, logos, presenter and presentation style.

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