On Your Own | Mind Maps

For this project, you'll need:

Save your completed mind map as:

  • MindMap_COURSE-TOPIC_ForumName.pdf
  • Example: MindMap_TireChanging_DavidAnderson.pdf

In this project, you'll practice mind mapping your own topic. You can choose a course you're currently working on or one you've already completed.

Remember, the key to successful visual analysis comes from your ability to describe the various elements of your topic - not from being able to draw or design them. The object here is not to list unusual or obscure references. List the most common, stereotypical visuals that come to mind.

When searching for images, don't worry about cost, skills or copyright - the only thing that's important is finding a broad collection of image styles that support each element.

To complete the project, your mind map should have:

  • Five or more descriptions listed for both course elements and inspiration sources
  • Three or more image types for each description (clip art, rendered, silhouette, illustration, etc).

Save your mind map and share in the forums!