Adding the Basic Animations

Now that we've built out the framework for our first slide, we can apply the basic animations that persist across the slide. Let's spend a moment and review our final project:

View the final DIYTC course

The following animations are used in (almost) every slide:

Opening animations:

  1. Label and slide title fade in
  2. Car flies in from right to left
  3. Heading 2 (subheading) fades in with content image (sometimes content images come in before the Heading 2)

Closing animations:

  1. Car flies off the slide
  2. DYK icon and info box fly in from the right

If you're following along, I'm working inĀ Lesson Files > Chapter_05 > AniPlaceholder_Start.pptx.

Step 1: Animating the Label and Heading

The heading animations fade in together at the beginning of each slide.

  1. Shift-click both the label graphic and the heading text box to select them
  2. Go to Animations > Fade to apply the entrance animation
  3. Change the Animation Timing from On Click to With Previous. The With Previous event ensures the animations begin when the slide is loaded.

Step 2: Animating the Intro Car

  1. Select the car and apply a Fly In animation by going to Animations > Fly In and changing the direction to From Right
  2. Add a second animation to the car by clicking Add Animation > Fade In
  3. Set the Animation Timing of the Fade In to After Previous and the Fly In to With Previous

Step 3: Animating the Heading 2, body text and content image

  1. Shift-click both the Heading 2, body text and content image and add the Fade In animation
  2. Set the Heading 2 Animation Timing to After Previous and the content image Animation Timing to With Previous

Step 4: Animating the car's exit animation

The car flies off the slide when the narration stops. This will vary based on the duration of each slide. This is why we'll add the On Click event to the car.

  1. Select the car and add the Fly Out Exit Animation. Make sure to add an animation so you don't replace the existing entrance animation
  2. Change the animation's Direction to To Left
  3. Set the animation event to On Click

Step 5: Animating the DYK and more info text box

  1. Shift-click both the DYK icon and more info text and apply a Fly In animation. Change the Direction to fly in From Right
  2. Set the Animation Timing of the DYK icon to After Previous and set the more info text to With Previous

Preview the animation placeholder slide

The completed file can be found in Lesson Files > Chapter_05 > AniPlaceholder_Final.pptx.

What's Next?

Our slide layout and starting animations are all set. In the next slide, we'll duplicate the slide for each slide in the course and update the slide titles for each slide.

David Anderson
Anne Koproski