Boosting productivity, reducing turnover, and improving employee satisfaction are just some of the many benefits of training and upskilling employees. But getting that training out to learners and tracking their progress hasn’t always been easy. In-person solutions are time- and cost-intensive. And while e-learning trims down learning time and company costs, sharing and tracking that training through a traditional LMS can add challenges due to dated interfaces and access barriers. This can result in a frustrating learning experience or, worse, exclude people from training opportunities altogether.

But now there’s a simple solution specifically designed to overcome these obstacles: Reach 360—our frictionless LMS. Let me walk you through four reasons your learners are loving this modern, intuitive, and consumer-friendly interface.

1. They Can Take Training Whenever They Want—at Their Own Pace 

Companies often rely on in-person training to educate their external audiences and deskless workers. While this works well in some cases, trainers sometimes feel pressured to pack more content into a single session than learners can realistically absorb. Trainers want to avoid having more than one session due to scheduling complexities. But this can leave learners feeling overwhelmed and unable to achieve the desired learning objectives. 

With Reach 360, your learners will love having access to your training content on-demand. That way, they can go through it at their own pace and at a time that’s convenient for them. 

2. It’s Easy to Access Training, with or Without a Corporate Email Address

While your LMS works well for internal, office-based employees, that might not be the case for those without a corporate email address—like external partners or contractors. That’s because LMSs often require a corporate email address to log in and view training. 

Without a corporate email address, learners often can’t access training at all—making it harder for them to learn the skills they need to be efficient. Or they have to jump through hoops to access it, which can take a lot of additional time and effort. If this sounds familiar, your learners will appreciate the hassle-free experience of accessing training with Reach 360. All they need is an email address to take assigned training or self-enroll in courses. 

3. They Can Take Training on the Go, on Any Device 

Some employees—like retail workers—don’t have an office, much less a computer for work. And because some LMS solutions are optimized for desktop viewing only, learners often have to step away from their work when they’re assigned training or need to refer back to information in a course. This is inconvenient and inefficient—especially if it’s information or skills they need immediately to do their job.

That’s why your deskless learners will love Reach 360. It allows them to easily access training on the job, directly from their mobile phone. And if they want to take training on another device—like a tablet or desktop computer—they’ll appreciate that the content will automatically reflow and adapt to fit their screen to provide an optimal learning experience. Above all, with the entirety of your training content at their fingertips, your learners will feel supported and confident that they have access to everything they need to be successful. 

4. The User Interface Is Intuitive, so It’s Easy to Find What They Need. 

Your employees are using intuitive apps outside of work, so they expect that same high-quality experience when taking online training at their job. If your LMS is cumbersome or outdated, it could discourage employees from using it to access their training. 

That’s another reason your learners will love Reach 360—it’s super easy to use. So, instead of wasting time trying to figure out how to find or take courses, they can focus on what’s important—learning.  


If you’re struggling to train contractors, partners, franchises, and deskless workers, Reach 360 is the solution. With Reach 360, your learners will appreciate being able to access training in an intuitive environment whenever they want, wherever they are, and on any device. 

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If you’re already an Articulate 360 subscriber and want to try Reach 360 for yourself, ask your account admin to activate it for you. And if you’re new to both Articulate 360 and Reach 360 and are looking for an easy way to create and deliver training, start a free trial.

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