If you’re looking for a faster and easier way to deliver e-learning courses to external and hard-to-reach learners like contractors, partners, franchises, and deskless workers, look no further! With Reach 360—a premium add-on to Articulate 360— you can share your online training courses with a wider audience in minutes, no matter which apps you’ve created them with. Let’s look at how easy it is to deliver content to learners and analyze the impact of using Reach 360. 

1. Add Reach 360 to Your Articulate 360 Teams Plan

If your team isn’t set up on Reach 360 yet, start by asking the account owner to purchase a subscription. If you already have one, you can skip this step. 

2. Submit Courses for Admin Approval

As a course author, once you’ve finished building your course and want to share it with learners, you’ll submit it to Reach 360. To submit a course created in an Articulate app—Storyline 360 or Rise 360—open the project, select Publish, and choose Reach 360. 

Storyline 360

Rise 360


Choose the completion parameters and other settings—such as enabling a course completion certificate for learners to download. 

Storyline 360


Rise 360

Once you’re done making your selections, click Submit to complete the submission process. If you have admin access, you can review and publish it in Reach 360. If you don’t, your Articulate 360 Teams admin will take care of that. Either way, the native integration makes publishing courses easy and stress-free.  

If you have a course that wasn’t created in Articulate 360 apps—such as purchased content or legacy courses built with other platforms—no problem! Your admin can easily import third-party training into Reach 360 by following these easy steps

3. Enroll Learners

After the admin publishes the course, they can enroll learners individually, using groups, importing a CSV file, or by creating a sign-up link for individuals or for groups so learners can enroll themselves.

Once a learner is enrolled, they’ll receive an email notification. If they’re logged into Reach 360, they can access the course via the link in their email or from the Learn dashboard wherever and whenever they need it.


Learn Dashboard

Reach 360 email

4. Track Learner Activity

Once learners start taking the course, admins can review and analyze their activity to see the impact of the training. They can view reports at the learner, group, and content level. 

Reach 360 learner dashboard

And for even deeper analytics or to share the information with others, admins can easily export Reach 360 data.


Reach 360 makes it faster and easier to deliver e-learning courses to more learners and effortlessly track and analyze the impact of your training.

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If you’re already an Articulate 360 subscriber and want to try it out for yourself, request a Reach 360 trial here. And if you’re new to both Articulate 360 and Reach 360 and looking for an easy way to create and deliver training, start a free trial of both here.

Sarah Hodge

@David I'm looking into this further and will update here once I get more info. @Lisa we have a few articles about Reach 360. Here's info about the Learn experience: https://community.articulate.com/series/reach-360-user-guide#:~:text=Using%20Reach%20360-,learn,-Reach%20360%3A%20Manage I know those articles don't include screenshots, so if you'd like to attend a webinar showing what it looks like, you can sign up here: https://training.articulate.com/webinars/getting-started-with-reach-360 We're still building resources about Reach 360, so thanks for letting us know what you need! @Buck and @Lisa, as for pricing, Reach 360 is structured to meet your team's needs with flexible active learner pricing. Since each team's training needs might vary from month to month, our pricing ... Expand