"Hi, I'm trying to adjust the font size, color properties, and verbiage for the headline that shows up under the Resources tab when I clic..."
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"Hi All, Often lately I've been getting Storyline 3 files which only allow me to move its objects one pixel at a time when using just the ..."
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"Hi, if we lock menu navigation or restrict "NEXT" buttons, will users still be able to review their answers and use "NEXT/PREV" for that ..."
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J H started a new discussion STEREO AUDIO??
"Hi, I'm in Storyline 3 and my audio appears to be automatically converting to mono on import. I need stereo for L > R panning for 508 ..."
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"Simple way to allow quick/easy passing of custom variables to Results Slide %Results.ScorePoints%, without making us create a True/F..."
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"%Results.ScorePoints% total needs to include the value for my custom variable. How to do this?? Please help, thanks!!"
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"Hi All, How to do this? I have a custom variable that I'd like to add to the %Results.ScorePoints% variable for the Results Slide sc..."
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J H started a new discussion Triggers with Checkboxes?
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J H started a new discussion "Save/Quit" & "Resume" Behavior Details?
"Hi, Several questions! Cornerstone is our LMS. Building in Storyline 3. With player's "Resume" settings at default "Prompt to Resume..."
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