Jay M started a new discussion Slide advance / visited issues
"Ya'll have been so helpful in this forum so I really appreciate it! I'm trying to make a couple of slides where you can advance only aft..."
  • 1 month ago05/05/21 at 2:26 am (UTC)
"Thank you Xavier! I had it done a different way before in other projects, I just can't recall how I had done it. Haha This works for sur..."
  • 2 months ago04/30/21 at 4:20 pm (UTC)
Jay M started a new discussion Buttons "Showing as Visible" when clicked on?
"I want the "Click for more!" buttons to change states to 'Visited' when I click on them. Then, the "Next" arrow becomes visible whe..."
  • 2 months ago04/29/21 at 5:22 pm (UTC)
"Thank you Adam! That seems like a way more involved way to do what I was thinking but it certainly worked! haha thank you again!"
  • 3 months ago03/23/21 at 1:04 am (UTC)
Jay M started a new discussion Hover over and status changes??
"Hello again! I'm hoping someone can help me figure this out... I'm trying to make the "Right Arrow" clickable, but only after both hover-..."
  • 3 months ago03/22/21 at 10:57 pm (UTC)
Jay M replied to the discussion Button Glow
"Thank you so much :) This worked beautifully :)"
  • 4 months ago02/10/21 at 12:11 am (UTC)
Jay M started a new discussion Button Glow
"Hi there folks! I've asked on here before about how to make a button appear to be glowing. I thought I had this right. I comp..."
  • 4 months ago02/05/21 at 1:36 am (UTC)
"Thank you both for the help!!! Was stuck on that one for a while, (Hence the .Story name!) :)"
  • 5 months ago01/22/21 at 4:37 pm (UTC)
"Hi there! So I'm learning quickly with Storyline but I'm currently stumped here. I have custom "Next" buttons. I have a "Glow" layer, on ..."
  • 5 months ago01/21/21 at 9:57 pm (UTC)
Jay M started a new discussion Hyperlink to another slide "concerns"?
"Hi there! I'm fairly new to Articulate and I have a problem that I don't know is solvable. I've created a training course for our employe..."
  • 5 months ago01/13/21 at 4:16 pm (UTC)