Steph  M
Steph M
Instructional Designer/eLearning Content Developer
"I guess this is still not in option in Storyline ...3 years later.  :-("
  • 5 years ago06/28/16 at 10:46 pm (UTC)
"Hi Nicole, Is this file still available? I'm particularly interested in the "hidden" menu feature. Is it simply a button, that has a tri..."
  • 5 years ago06/28/16 at 7:13 pm (UTC)
"That was the issue exactly! Thank you!"
  • over 5 years ago04/27/16 at 5:29 am (UTC)
"The Notes tab displays in the the player preview window, but does not display when I try to preview the course? Does the Notes tab only d..."
  • over 5 years ago04/25/16 at 11:47 am (UTC)
"Yes, I'm interested - Greater Atlanta, Georgia area. "
  • over 5 years ago04/05/16 at 7:27 pm (UTC)
"I know this was posted months ago, but I just saw it. I just had to comment on how creative and cool this is! Like others, I deal primari..."
  • over 5 years ago02/14/16 at 9:47 pm (UTC)
  • over 5 years ago01/28/16 at 7:59 pm (UTC)