Last Updated: June 26, 2024

We’re super excited to announce that soon we’ll be adding AI features to Articulate 360 that will empower authors to create better courses even faster. But these seamlessly integrated features will do more than just speed up course development; they’ll help ensure your AI-generated content aligns with your learning objectives and instructional design best practices. 

If you’re like many Articulate 360 users, you’ve been itching to learn more about Articulate AI since we announced we were working on it a few months ago. In this article, you’ll get a sneak peek at some of the upcoming features, learn about the robust security and privacy policies we’ve implemented to keep you safe and in control, and find out how to manage the availability of these features for you and your team.

Note: Articulate AI is in active development. User access, available features, and overall experience will evolve over time.

Articulate AI Products

Articulate AI is coming soon, but we can’t wait to show you what it can do! Dig into the details below for a sneak peek at the game-changing course authoring experiences you’ll have with AI Assistant and AI Video.

AI Assistant

Creating courses with Articulate 360 has always been fast and easy. But with AI Assistant, you’ll have a content-creation helper built right into Rise 360 and Storyline 360—accelerating course creation even further.

(Note: this is subject to change and may not be the exact UI of the final product)

Let’s take a peek at some of the ways AI Assistant will improve your workflow. 

  • Jump-start your course development process: With AI Assistant, instead of spending days or weeks analyzing existing content and trying to distill it into lessons, you’ll be able to simply upload your source materials—like PDFs or PowerPoint presentations—and generate Rise 360 blocks in minutes. Think about all the time you’ll save!
  • Reinforce learning with AI-generated assessments: Designing quizzes that reinforce key concepts and assess learner comprehension can be challenging. It takes time to analyze the course content, write questions that align with the learning objectives, and come up with plausible incorrect answers. When you’re using Rise 360 or Storyline 360, AI Assistant will be able to take this task off your plate—freeing you to focus on other things.
  • Create relevant imagery in a consistent style: Don’t have the budget for a graphic designer or stock images? No problem. With AI Assistant, you’ll be able to generate high-quality images in a variety of styles in a single click in both Rise 360 and Storyline 360.
  • Transform and improve content: Working with a lot of text-heavy content? AI Assistant will help you transform static text into dynamic, engaging Rise 360 blocks. And if you change your mind about a block type, the assistant can automatically swap it out with another one—so you can skip the copying and pasting and focus on design strategy. AI Assistant can improve writing too! You’ll be able to update the tone, improve grammar, and more.
  • Maximize instructional quality and consistency: AI Assistant was designed by L&D professionals, for L&D professionals. It’s easier than ever to create exceptional courses that maximize learner engagement and knowledge retention because we’ve baked in instructional design best practices.

AI Video

Adding videos to courses has the potential to increase learner engagement. But what if you don’t have the time, budget, or skills to create them? Not to worry! We’ve got you covered. With AI Video in Rise 360 and Storyline 360, all you have to do is enter your script to generate professional, studio-quality videos in minutes.

(Note: this is subject to change and may not be the exact UI of the final product)

You can even personalize them by inserting on-screen elements like text and shapes, swapping out the background image, and adding captions.

With AI Video, you’ll have the power to create professional-grade videos at your fingertips.

AI Security & Privacy at Articulate

Security and privacy have always been a top priority at Articulate, and as we integrate AI into Articulate 360, we remain committed to ensuring our tools meet the highest level of safety and confidentiality standards. Articulate has a zero data retention policy—which means after Articulate AI generates your content, any data used in the process is immediately deleted from the servers of our AI subprocessors. And while we retain your data as long as your subscription is active, Articulate never uses your information to feed or train our AI models.

We know that AI security is important to you as well and that you might need to provide your organization with detailed information about the measures we’re taking to keep your data secure. That’s why we drafted an official AI Security and Privacy document you can share with your organization to ensure it meets their AI usage guidelines. 

Managing Access to Articulate AI

At this time, Articulate 360 Team admins and personal account holders can opt out of the coming AI Assistant free trial.

Simply go to the account management console and select Manage Subscription. Under Articulate AI, toggle the Free Trial setting. Confirm by clicking the Opt-Out button on the pop-up screen that displays.

If you change your mind after opting out of the AI Assistant free trial, toggle the Free Trial setting and agree to the AI terms of service to opt in.


We hope you’re as excited about the upcoming Articulate AI features as we are! And this is just the beginning. If you want more information about Articulate AI and other new features we’re working on, check out the following resources: 

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Paul Sorice