IE 11 and Presenter 09?

Nov 08, 2013

Is anyone having SCORM completion issues with IE 11 and Presenter 09? I did some testing on SCORMCloud of Storyline, Presenter 13, and Presenter 09. I was able to get course completion with SL and Presenter 13, but not Presenter 09. Also, I couldn't get web objects to open in a new window (the hyperlinks worked find, opened in a new window) but web objects would not. If anyone else out there has experience with IE 11 and Presenter 09, I would be interested in your experiences.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mark, 

Articulate Studio '09 content may not track properly in some learning management systems (LMSs) when it's viewed in Internet Explorer 11.

This is a known issue. We're investigating it now, and we'll post additional information here as it becomes available. In the meantime, add your LMS to the Compatibility View Settings in Internet Explorer to avoid this behavior. Here's how:

  1. Go to the Tools menu, and click Compatibility View Settings. (If the Tools menu isn't visible, press the Altkey on your keyboard to reveal it.)
  2. Type the domain name for your LMS in the Add this website field, and click Add.
  3. Click Close to save the change.

If Compatibility View Settings need to be updated for a large audience, network administrators can control it through Group Policy.

Deborah Munitz

I am having problems even launching Studio 9 content in Internet Explorer 11. Users get a "page not found" error when the unit launches instead of the content loading. Telling the students to use compatibility view works however, IE 11 seems to have moved out of beta and starting mid last week I am getting loads of students complaining about this problem because they aren't even aware that their browser was upgraded.

I see that there is a "known issue" but your description of the problem doesn't match what I am seeing. We can't force compatibility mode for our large audience because they are coming over the internet and are not on a corporate LAN where I can use network administrators to update their compatibility mode.

Can you comment on whether there will be an updater for IE 11? We are still not comfortable going to Studio 13 and I have seen comments that Studio 13 also has problems. We have hundreds of lessons that would require republishing.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Deborah,

From what I can see, there are a few issues already logged in our database regarding the functionality of courses in Internet Explorer 11. I haven't seen any official plans for an update that would fix these issues just yet. However, I'm sure that our development and QA teams are planning on something similar - if we see an update, we'll definitely share it with the community. 

If you haven't already, I would definitely recommend subscribing to the Word of Mouth blog, following us on Twitter and even Facebook. If there are any new updates released, these are the social networks that will be sending out the news first. We'll try to post on the forums as well.

I'm not sure if it's an option for your students, but it may help to suggest a different web browser for the time being. I do see where IE is rolling out this update automatically, so users won't have the ability to deny the update or they may not even receive a notification. Again, I know it may not be the best solution, but hopefully using Chrome or another browser will help those that need access to the course - this may also save you some time if you're having to walk each student through the chances for compatibility view. 


Deborah Munitz

Instructions for compatibility view are not more difficult than suggesting Chrome. They just both require communication. Written instructions catch many but not all students. It's just a super pain. Will look at the social media avenues but if there are enough entries on V11 issues then it would help to point all new entries to one super entry and make that one sticky on the forum and allow people to subscribe to updates to that. I would rather be getting updates on something that I am specifically concerned about. Please consider the sticky. It would have helped me save time when researching what on earth was going on. I am sure others will appreciate seeing the warning highlighted.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Deborah,

It's not an option for the current system in place, but I can assure you, it's definitely something that myself and the other community moderators are requesting for a future version of the forums :)

We'll be monitoring threads on the topic as well, so make sure that you subscribe to this topic. When there's new information, we'll be sure to share it here as well. I suggested the social media pages simply because these are usually the venues that are updated first from our support team, official announcements, etc. We have to manually update related threads, which takes a little bit longer. So, while they'll be updated, it can be a little faster to follow us on the other pages.


Robert Erwin

Hi there,

We have just started the process of updating all of our webinars using the new Presenter 13 software. I have two machines on which to view the results; one is running Internet Explorer 10 and the other is running Internet Explorer 11. All works fine with Explorer 10, but there are a number of serious issues when I try to run the presentation on 11. These include:

1) a white dashed box around the entire presentation window

2) speaker photo disappears when you push the forward button to begin the presentation

3) navigation by way of the outline to left does not work

4) notes in the paint to left only show title of each line, and not the dialogue.

As I said, everything works just fine with Windows 10, Chrome, etc., but I'm sure once most people have switched over to the new routes are will be getting a lot of user complaints. If it's not already there, I would strongly recommend putting this high on your priority list.

Many thanks.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Robert,

Thank you very much for providing the details on the issues you're experiencing with Internet Explorer 11.

We are aware that there are new issues coming up with the newer version and we are monitoring this. Our development team is currently testing the issues with the new browser and hopefully we'll have more information soon.

In the meantime, I'd suggest using a different web browser or you could try enabling compatibility mode in Internet Explorer.

As I mentioned earlier, we will update the community when we have more details. If you haven't already, I would recommend following us on our social pages so you'll hear about the news as soon as it's available. 

Thank you!

Lara McKinnon

Lara McKinnon said:

Most of our issues revolved around the resume and tracking features not working.  The Compatibility View Settings was the fix for my company. 

Since the Compatibility Settings are user controlled I am not sure what Articulate can do, but I am hopeful for a fix soon.

I should also mention that we have Studio 09, and would like to know if anyone with Studio 13 has been having this issue and if the Compatibility View Setting change is a fix.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Lara,

I'm glad to hear that the Compatibility View option helped your company with this issue - thanks for sharing that information :)

Yes - from what I understand this is something we are viewing as high priority and we intend to provide a fix for this soon.

The majority of developers are seeing issues with '09 content, but there have been a few reports from '13 - not nearly as many as '09 however. 

Rob Skeet

I am an eLearning developer and have multiple clients with content produced on '09

compatibility view does not seem to help for most.  (Most are deployed through Moodle)

what I get is a quick flash then a blank screen.

the same content works fine in IE 9 and IE 10

any idea what the problem might be?

republishing in 13 or moving to SL is not an option for most of my clients.

I also have an issue with SL HTML5 output running in IE 11  only half of the images show up and the layout is all wonky.

What has MS done to this beast???


Christine Hendrickson

"What has MS done to this beast???"

-- Love that, Rob :) 

The majority of issues we're hearing with Internet Explorer are related to tracking. Some issues, but not nearly as many, are related to pages loading properly/displaying properly. 

We're working on updates for some of the issues, some for Storyline and some for Studio '09, and we're still investigating others. It does seem like this version is causing a lot of problems for our content as well as others.

Hopefully we'll get more information on this soon!

Dave Newgass

Rob Skeet said:

what I get is a quick flash then a blank screen.

the same content works fine in IE 9 and IE 10

Hey Rob,

I am getting the same and here is a quick fix until things get sorted.......

Launch the course, then re-size the browser using the little stacked boxes in the upper right (it's the middle on between the red box to close a window and the underscore to minimize it).  Then, re-size the window back again......give it a moment and it should work

It's a 'quick and dirty' work around but seems to work for the time being.

Brian Batt

Tony Hersey said:

Hi Leslie,

Do you guys intend on releasing another exe to find and change the appropriate files of deployed courses (similar to the one released for the IE10 fix)?

Hi Tony and welcome to Heroes,

Yes, we also released an updater.  More information can be found here:

Tony Hersey

Hi guys.  We recently ran the patch on deployed content with some success.  However, it seems like the patch also managed to affect some presenter 13 courses within the same directory.  I was under the impression that this patch specifically targeted 09 courses only and now I'm having completion issues with some of the 19 courses.

Can you please verify that the patch does not target '13 courses?  This is going to be a big problem if this is the case.



Brian Batt

Tony Hersey said:

Hi guys.  We recently ran the patch on deployed content with some success.  However, it seems like the patch also managed to affect some presenter 13 courses within the same directory.  I was under the impression that this patch specifically targeted 09 courses only and now I'm having completion issues with some of the 19 courses.

Can you please verify that the patch does not target '13 courses?  This is going to be a big problem if this is the case.



Hi Tony,

The Updater doesn't touch '13 courses.

Jeff Schlaybach

I am downloading  update 10 from Feb now in hopes that is also solves the Web Object issue in IE11. I took note that update 9 fixed BOTH the scoring issue AND the Web Object issue.

Many of our lessons use Web Objects so we can simulate our software's right -mouse feature. It has worked quite nicely up through IE10, but I note that this stopped working with IE11 as was pointed out by the [collapse]original message in this thread!

We are stuck for now using Studio /09 due to various issues we have with Studio '13. We have placed numerous feature request with the Articulate developer team and are hopeful that update 3 may have the fixes we are looking for so we can move forward with the latest version of your great software!

Please advise. Thanks!


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