IE 11 and Presenter 09?

Nov 08, 2013

Is anyone having SCORM completion issues with IE 11 and Presenter 09? I did some testing on SCORMCloud of Storyline, Presenter 13, and Presenter 09. I was able to get course completion with SL and Presenter 13, but not Presenter 09. Also, I couldn't get web objects to open in a new window (the hyperlinks worked find, opened in a new window) but web objects would not. If anyone else out there has experience with IE 11 and Presenter 09, I would be interested in your experiences.

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Steve Jones

Dave Newgass said:

Leslie McKerchie said:

Hi Dave!

This is a known issue.

The Exit tab may not work in Internet Explorer 11

I am not aware of any fix at this time unless someone in the community has a workaround.

I just wanted to bump this thread to see if anybody had a workaround.

Is the same problem present in Studio 13?



I'm also still having issues with my A09 content not tracking, and the exit button not working. I have found that if you add your course URL to the compatibility view settings mentioned earlier,  the exit button will work.

Aarif  Shaikh

I am trying to load flash video in Articulate Studio using Display in new browser window option and i am unable to view video in internet explorer 8 and In Articulate Storyline, i am using Display in new browser window option but this option is not working in Internet explorer 8 and 10.

Can you please provide me any solution as soon as possible.

Arif Shaikh.
Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Arif,

You mentioned Studio and Storyline in your first post - so I'm unsure how you're talking about the two together? You'll want to make sure that you are inserting videos as described here in Storyline and that all your project files are saved locally adhering to the information here. When you're ready to test the published content you'll want to place within the intended environment and then ensure that your browser meets the minimum system requirements for viewing detailed here. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Arif,

If you'd like to share more of what's happening you could record the behavior using Replay and publish to MP4 to share here. You're also welcome to connect with our Support engineers here. 

To record with Replay, please follow these steps:

1) Launch Articulate Replay on your computer and click Record Screen.
2) When the recording window appears, select a microphone in the lower left corner (if you have one).
3) Choose Full Screen for the recording area, then click the red Record button.
4) Reproduce the issue you're experiencing and click Done when you're finished.
5) When Replay reappears, click Publish on the ribbon, browse to your desktop, and click Save.
6) When the Publish Successful window appears, click Close.
7) Then use the "add attachment" button in the reply to upload here

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