"Some controls on the presentation cannot be activated.......

Apr 11, 2011

I am getting this error when I open my project "Some controls on the presentation cannot be activated. They may not be registered on this computer." I have searched all over the web and the only post I could find pertaining to Articulate Presenter is here http://www.articulate.com/forums/articulate-presenter/2305-ppt-error-message.html but I am running Windows 7, PowerPoint 2010, and have only the most current flash player form Adobe installed on my PC. Can anyone assist with this one?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Leslie,

If you're still using Update 19 of Flash it'll continue to corrupt your presentation, so you'll continue to see those error messages. Until Adobe releases an update to fix it, we recommend staying with Flash Player 18.

Also, just an FYI that responding via email includes your signature here in the forums so you are welcome to edit and update the post if you'd like to remove that information. 

It looks like you're working with Victor in your case, so he'll be able to continue to take a look at your file and share any updates with you. 

Matt Kurtin

I encountered this same issue when trying to edit a PowerPoint file containing an M4V video and/or an MP4 version of that same video compressed by Adobe Media Encoder.

I could not save the PPT while either of those video was included. I had to delete the slide containing the video before I could save the PPT.

This problem went away when I deleted that video and inserted another video which had already been compressed to MP4 by Articulate Studio.

Dave Newgass
Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Matt,

Did you already review the information here about Flash 19 and how it was corrupting Presenter projects when video was added? The Flash has been fixed, but if you file is corrupted you may want to follow the steps outlined in that article. 

So the latest Flash update has 'fixed' whatever was going on?  Am I ok to update Flash now?





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