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I am confused by this new Articulate 360 and what it means for Articulate Storyline. Does this mean that no further development will occur on Articulate Storyline 2, standalone version? Will there ever be an Articulate Storyline 3? What about people who bought a platinum licence with an upgrade option who do not want to go to Articulate 360? Will they get a refund on the upgrade portion or will they be forced to go to 360 if they want to benefit from their upgrade purchase?

While I see that there is benefit, especially for new customers, to 360, I am still not sure that it is worth mine and my company's money to take a perpetual licence and change it to a subscription for what I perceive to only be minor feature enhancements.

I am open to be shown why the expense would be worth my while?

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Jake Hurt

"as Storyline 360 adds additional features and diverges from Storyline 3's initial feature set, 360 content containing those new features may not open in Storyline 3."

We were assured that people buying perpetual licences would be supported as much as people on 360, the above statement seems to contradict this.

So you are saying that the initial version of Storyline 3 will be the final version and won't have any updated content added to it, correct?

Does this mean you will not be supporting the perpetual licence holders at this point?

You are also stating that if you were to use 360 to make a course, there is no guarantee that it would work in Storyline 3, correct? Which implys that once you subscribe to 360 you are locked in to the subscription else you lose access to your content, correct?

Please respond sometime in 2017.

Justin Grenier

Hey, Jake!

I’m bummed that my reply was so unclear. None of the conclusions you’ve drawn here are correct, and out of respect for the the other folks in this thread and an abundant desire to avoid more confusion, we’re going to take this conversation offline. Please expect to hear from me directly today.

Gemma Greenwood

Hi there,

So sorry if this has been asked a million times - we are looking at upgrading to 360. From what I understand, if we purchase Articulate 360 - it will upgrade our Storyline from 2 to 360. Once this is done, and SL3 comes out - will we be able to work with projects that are built in SL3? 

Any new features that come out with SL3 - will they be added to SL360? Or would we have to buy SL3 to get those features?

Thanks and have a great weekend everyone!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gemma,

No apologies necessary - this forum discussion has gotten quite lengthy! 

When you open a Storyline 2 project with Storyline 360 (part of the Articulate 360 suite of tools) you'll see that it'll upgrade and create a back up copy of your Storyline 2 project. You can have Storyline 2 and Storyline 360 installed on the same computer so the backup copy allows you to use Storyline 2 for those projects if you choose to not continue with Articulate 360.

The day Storyline 3 comes out, anything you've created in Storyline 360 will be able to be opened in Storyline 3. Since 360 is continually evolving and having new features add to it, the path may diverge from Storyline 3 and then those projects may not open in Storyline 3. Any new features added to Storyline 360 may be something you see in later updates to Storyline 3, but it's not a guarantee that every feature will be the same across platforms. Due to the subscription set up of Storyline 360, you'll see that updates and new features are on a more frequent basis than our perpetual license products like Storyline 2 (and Storyline 3 when it's released). 

I hope that helps, and feel free to let us know if there is anything else we can help with! 

Marcos Dutra

That's a horrible and confusing roadmap for customers. 
It lacks flexibility to open our projects and change to  the super expensive subscription model. We will have different projects that can only be opened with a specific piece of software. Ouch!
Also, if we need to open one project in Articulate 360, we have to pay for a whole year!!!
If you are a small agency, you are screwed.

Marcos Dutra

Storyline 1 is NOT supported on Windows 10. Since all computers basically upgraded themselves to W10, it means you have to buy a new computer solely for Storyline 1.
It is money thrown in the garbage.
This dual strategy is horrible and confusing. 
I'm already stuck with 360, because I was foolish enough to upgrade an important project to 360 in the free trial. 
Nt only is the subscription expensive, it has no monthly option and the price will rise in the second year for existing customers!
Articulate basically screwed all their small customers. 

Jake Hurt

The best thing you can do is wait for the next perpetual licence.

If you urgently need the HTML5 support in 360 you can always pay for a year then unsubscribe and continue on in SL3 once it is released perpetually. Articulate have assured us that the initial release of SL3 will be compatible with anything made in 360 at that time. Whether or not you want to take that risk though is up to you.

We are currently having a hell of a time with HTML5 and having to pray that the 2017 release is sooner rather than later.

If you don't need the HTML5 support then SL2 is going to be good enough for years to come ;)

Marcos Dutra

This is such a bad strategy.
It means the customer will always be confused and afraid about which software to use. 
You should only implement changes when they are ready in both platforms, to guarantee compatibility. Or get rid of the standalone product altogether.
Someone must talk to your CEO, this is a big mistake.

Marcos Dutra

It is not a problem that your reply was not clear. It is a problem with a poorly designed, confusing product development strategy. Actually it is all wishful thinking and blind trust in things that may or may not happen.
I can't base the development production of my agency in such frail foundations. 
I'm stuck with 360  for at least a year, but I will be assessing Adobe in the meantime. It's a shame, because I love Articulate's customer service and have been a client for many years.
Your CEO is making a big, big mistake. 

Marcos Dutra

Absolutely right. As a small agency, I think the price is outrageous. 
It is even worse, because there is no monthly option (fundamental for small agencies with no steady influx of projects) and the second year will have no discount for existing customers.
I don't feel secure buying Storyline 2 because it seems S3 is coming and the upgrade will be expensive. Also, I don't trust they will not drop the standalone software eventually, when they see it makes no sense at all to have two selling models. 

Marcos Dutra

Jake, I made a mistake. Because I have SL1 and was experiencing bugs with Windows 10 (SL1 is NOT supported on W10), I  finished a project  with a free 360 trial. Now I'm stuck.
Even if I cancel after one year, how can I trust Articulate will not quit support in SL2 in the same way? Also, Articulate calls a minor upgrade a whole new release. Even 360 is not much different than SL1. 
This subscription model will mean trouble if the client wants a minor change in the future. If they want to update a paragraph, the agency must subscribe again for a whole year! Maybe it would be nice to have a freelancer who would provide this kind of service. 
Unfortunately, I will have to start assessing Adobe this next year. 

Tim Danes

Hi Marcos, 

While I don't necessarily condone the tone, it's probably because I haven't paid out the money for a subscription.  So, I kinda get it.  

And I very much understand and agree with the 'small customers' argument.  For me, 360 takes collaboration off the table for a number of my clients, whom I share files with so they could make small edits. 360 is not even remotely close to being an option for many of my clients, and it would be embarrassing to suggest it to them as a viable option.

And again you're right ... with a split roadmap that may or may not converge, and may or may not split again, it creates a double-path of expenses with projects until Storyline 2 is defunct.   And if 360 is an indicator of Storyline 3 functionality, I suspect Storyline 2 won't be defunct for quite some time (there's nothing really that improves the learning in 360 that I can't do in Storyline 2).  

I will continue to watch the forums, and continue to cross my fingers hoping that common sense prevails with their marketing strategy.  My 3 death knells for the new Storyline 3 are:
- significantly higher price point (i.e. more than 15%)
- no significant learning value added (i.e. not just 'pretty')
- built in forced redundancy

I could handle 1, maybe even 2 of these, but not 3.  And if I was to base it entirely on 360, all three would be hit and I'd be planning my exit strategy from the platform.  However, I've still got twinklings of hope based on Articulates amazing products and approach pre-360, I just hope that the numbers and feedback are getting to the people that matter, not just smashing the Forum Leaders around.

Marcos Dutra

Yes, I hope the CEO reads the forum from time to time.
The support people at Articulate are great, it pains me to see them getting this flak. Obviously, it is not their fault. 
To tell you the truth, I can't remember a situation where I felt so uncomfortable making a purchase decision. As a marketing strategy, the whole move was a nightmare for customers.

Marcos Dutra

In a marketing perspective, it is the ONLY roadmap that makes sense.
- Only upgrade S360 when the standalone product is 100% compatible with the subscription model. 
- provide a "save as" command to let people open projects with older versions.

Or go all the way and drop for good the standalone version. 
You realize that, because Aticulate sells minor upgrades as if they were full releases, a customer who buys the standalone product will actually pay the same price of the subscription to stay up to date with the latest product, right? 

This is the worst designed development roadmap I have ever seen, marketing-wise.

Jake Hurt

It was so easy to avoid as well, all that needed to happen was for SL3 perpetual to come out at the same time.

Then everyone is happy and can choose the best thing for them.

So well put Jake. That would've made everyone happy and been fair to us loyal SL customers. Every day that goes by that SL3 isn't released is another bit of pressure pushing us away to the competition. 

Gerry Wasiluk

Personally, I find I'm liking A360, especially SL360 and Content Library, more and more each day.

That said, might be nice if users could pick and choose what parts of the A360 suite that they wanted and just pay for that. 

Kind of like the concept of ala carte pricing for cable TV.  Why pay for channels (or software) you might never use?

Failing that, it might be nice then if there were three A360 packages offered:

  1. The current whole package
  2. A SL360 package (minus just Studio 360)
  3. A Studio 360 package (minus just SL360)

Probably a logistical nightmare to implement but it might make more more customers happier.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jennifer,

Rise is included with the Articulate 360 subscription - you get access to all the 360 tools in one subscription such as Storyline, Studio, Content Library, Articulate Review, Articulate Live, Peek, Preso, and Rise! It's a long list, so that can be confusing - this FAQ article has a lot of really great details and information and if you have specific questions you may also want to reach out to our Success team.