Browser Screen Flashes Between Slides

Mar 07, 2017

Hi all,

When playing a published Storyline 360 project (v3.3.9986.0) in a Chrome web browser, I experience a single brief white-screen flash when I move/navigate between the slides/screens.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Thanks in advance,


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Elle.  I tested my latest Storyline 360 output on Firefox 56.0.2 (64-bit) for both Mac and Windows, but I didn't notice a white flash.

Can you take a quick Peek screencast of what you're seeing?  And please confirm the version of Storyline and Firefox you're using.  I'll get you the best help I can with that info!

Elle Dee

Hey Crystal, I've uploaded my screencast here:

It happens when I hover over buttons or when interactions/transitions are occuring.

I'm using the most updated version of Storyline 360 and firefox 56.0.2 (64 bit) for windows. 


Simon Seagrave

Hi Ann-Marie,

Unfortunately the only way that I've reliably been able to get rid of the flashing between some screens is to run it using Flash and not HTML5 in the browser.

It's not ideal, though it's the only way I can guarantee that no flashes will occur.

Hope this helps,



Crystal Horn

Hi, Ann-Marie.  Would you be able to share one of your files for us to test? 

I created a simple mock-up and uploaded it to SCORM Cloud to test the HTML5 output in Internet Explorer.  I couldn't reproduce the flickering.  I included slide transition and animations, but I didn't see flickering when hovering over slide or player buttons.

I appreciate the help!

Ann-Marie Pickles

Hi Crystal

I investigated the publishing options and the Publish As setting I was using was the 'HTML 5 / Flash'. This setting was flickering in IE11. I then published the file as 'Flash / HTML 5' and the flickering went away.

I see this as a temporary solution as we move away from Flash into HTML 5. This is something that needs to be fixed in the future for those of us who still use IE11 (we can only access our Success Factors learning from IE11).


Simon Seagrave

Hi Crystal,

I am also seeing this occasional flashing issue when using Google Chrome and when previewing a project within Storyline 360 (latest build).  When published, if viewing in Flash within Chrome the flashing goes away.  Viewing in HTML5 seems to be the problem.

It doesn't happen on all pages, just some.





Hi all,

I am also experiencing this issue when publishing in HTML5. It seems like there is a problem with the page loading in HTML5 as I think the flicker is actually the slide background appearing slightly before the rest of the image loads. It doesn't happen when published in flash and runs very smoothly, Unfortunately, I can't ask everyone in the company to enable flash on their browsers to view it as there are related IT issues that would be a pain to get around.

This problem only started for me after the latest update which fixed an issue I had with the zoom functionality. It occurs on Firefox and Chrome. The behaviour is slightly different on Edge as the screen gets blurry for a second instead of flashing. While I might be being overcautious here, it has been mentioned to me by a colleague that releasing the courses with flashing screens may actually be a slight risk to people who might suffer from epilepsy. 

Other than that. it really is causing us delays with our development, which was already delayed while we waited for the previous zoom fix. Storyline is a a great product and there is a great community here. Unfortunately, issues with HTML5 are making it increasingly more difficult to keep choosing it as our go-to development tool. 

I have already opened a ticket (#01174847) and Angelo is looking into it for me. I would urge all of you on this thread to raise a bug too as this is the only way that we will get this issue fixed quickly. I really hope that this issue gets addressed sooner rather than later as it would make a really nice early Christmas present!

Kind regards,


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Derek for submitting your case. This issue is a bit different than the original issue discussed here, but as Crystal mentioned earlier it's in the hands of our team and the more examples of this the better! So I appreciate you sharing and we'll follow along in your case with Angelo! 


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Curtis,

Sorry to hear you've been affected by this as well.

You're in the right place to get updates as we do have this thread attached to the report so that we can update you here when we can.

If you have a .story file to share demonstrating the issue, that would be very helpful as not many files have been shared and it certainly makes testing helpful as our team works to understand and correct issues.

Thanks so much!