Browser Screen Flashes Between Slides

Mar 07, 2017

Hi all,

When playing a published Storyline 360 project (v3.3.9986.0) in a Chrome web browser, I experience a single brief white-screen flash when I move/navigate between the slides/screens.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Thanks in advance,


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi S,

Thanks for checking in on this! Our team is finishing up fixes right now for the next update of Storyline 360 (release date soon - but not set in stone yet!) and we'll be fixing the issue where the slides are flashing when jumping to the next slide in the HTML5 output. 

We'll post here as soon as that update is available. 

Crystal Horn

Hey folks! I'm happy to let you know that we just released Update 12 for Storyline 360, and you can check out the new features and fixes here!

Specifically included in this version is a fix to address the issue where the HTML5 output would sometimes flicker when navigating between slides. Simply update Storyline to the latest version and republish your project to see the fix. Here's how updating Storyline 360 works.

I'm happy to hear how you make out!

David Prescott


Thank you for the update. However despite updating to the 23rd Jan release and republishing, we are still seeing the delay/flashing issue when moving from one slide to another. The issue we are seeing relates to items in the Slide Master. 

I have shared this with Support, but have not heard back. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gillian, David, and Stacey, 

If you've tested your content with the latest update of Articulate 360 and you're still seeing the odd behavior, we'd want to test out a sample file of yours. Can you share it with our Support team here? David if you have your case number I'm happy to follow up on it! 


Storyline 3's next update will also include this fix! Stay tuned as we'll let you know here as soon as it's ready. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kate,

It looks like Reyna's issue was specific to the Try/Test mode of a screen recording, and that is a separate bug we've got reported. Does that match what you're running into as well? I'd love to take a look at your file to confirm and I can share that with my team as we keep looking into a fix for this! 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi AC,

Really sorry you haven't heard back from us yet! Would you mind telling me your case number? I'm not finding it through a name search. Thanks!

Hey Kate,

I tested the Articulate Review link you sent, and I'm not seeing noticeable flashes between slides or layers there. If you're still struggling with this and want some more help with it, feel free to send us your unpublished Storyline file by clicking here. Also, be sure to include a note about which slides and layers are giving you the most trouble. 

Chris Coleman

I have the latest update installed but i'm still experiencing a flash between pages when outputting to HTML5. I'm using Storyline 3 and have used Chrome to view my course moments ago.

My course is designed to look seamless across pages, and now that effect and impact is lost. Can you please look into this further or let me know if any future updates tackling this bug are due to be released in the near future?

Katie Riggio

Thanks for bringing this to our attention – and really sorry you're still seeing a flash in Chrome (HTML5 output) with the latest Storyline 3 update, Chris. 

Great move on opening a case with our engineers! I took a peek into your case, and I can see our team is testing your file to see what's happening there.

You should hear back from someone soon and I'll be sure to share updates here, as needed!

Katie Riggio

Hey, Henriette. So sorry you're running into this flashing problem. We can help!

To help us dig deeper, here are a few key questions to start:

  • What version of Storyline 360 are you using?
  • Did you publish the course for Web, LMS, or something else?
  • What browser(s) do you experience the blinking? If it's only happening in IE11: Most browsers ignore off-slide objects, but IE attempts to display them, which causes the flicker effect. More on that here!
  • Could you share your .story file with us for testing? Feel free to either add the course as a comment by using the Add Attachment button in your reply or send it privately via this link! We'll dig into the file and let you know what we find!