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Anita Roper


I have gone through the very lengthy process of opening portal 443 and am still unable to access.

This is now holding up 2 projects. I had no problem accessing before I renewed my subscription.

Please advise.

[Search Photos]

Thank you and best regards,


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Anita,

First, just a note:  Replying via email will include your signature. You can edit out your contact information from your post if you'd like!  

I see that your subscription is valid and just began earlier in January. That shouldn't have had an impact on your accessing Content Library, as the trial of Articulate 360 allows for seeing all the Content Library elements, but only downloading certain templates and characters. 

Since you've already whitelisted and opened those ports and are still having difficulty I'd want to have you work with our Support team to take a closer look at your settings. I'll open a case for you and they'll be in touch via email as soon as they can. Keep an eye out for the confirmation email from Support@articulate.com

Gerry McAteer

On further investigation when I search under photos, it will display the first six rows then it reverts to the triangle/exclamation icon for all the other rows, I click the Load  more results button and another six rows of images is displayed and then the triangle/exclamation icon is displayed for all the other rows.

Does not seem to be an issue hen you search for icons, they all display and it is quick.

Also no problem searching for videos......

Illustrations just does not display anything just the triangle/exclamation icon.

Lee Farrow

Hi Ashley, I'm having the same issue that Anita originally logged and my IT Department have looked at the network end points and can't see any issues from their point of view.  It's only with Illustrations as I am unable to use Characters, Photos, Icons and Videos.  Could a support engineer get in touch please?


Katie Gokhshteyn

Hi, Lee. Sorry you've hit this roadblock!

I've created a case on your behalf for our Support Engineers, so we can help get you up and running as quickly as possible. Someone from the team will be in touch and I'll also follow along!

Pro-tip: if you or anyone else run into any other issues, here's where you submit a ticket directly with our Support Engineers!