Courses converted from Storyline 1 (SL1) to Storyline 2 (SL2) - Not tracking properly when learner fails.

Jan 27, 2015

Here are the issues we have been experiencing:

1.    Both AICC and SCORM 2004, 4th edition Items with SL1 to SL2 content are completing when learners fail the in-course assessment and moving to there Learning History.

2.    AICC items that complete on fail sometime do not have Object Details in the learner’s Items Completed record for that instance of the item

3.    AICC items that complete on fail sometimes have a score of “100” in the learner’s Items Completed record

4.    SCORM 2004, 4th edition items that complete do have Object Details in the learner’s Items Completed record for that instance of the item; however, the Object “Finished” Status is “No” and the Score (%) value is incorrect.

When we convert from SL1 to SL2, a second set of Results Variables are created by SL2. These items can not be removed from the course.  The bookmarking also stops working. 

We have review debug files and  talked to PMP support folks.   Any ideas or suggestions ???

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Alice Jefferson

Ashley  -- I believe I have discovered a workaround for this problem. Maybe you can share this with the support team working on this.

I changed submit results trigger to only submit results to LMS when the learner passes the course.   Failed attempts  never go to LMS and course stays on the learner plan until they achieve a passing score.  This prevents the false reporting after the 2nd failed attempt.  Thoughts?  Comments?  Am I missing something?

Zio Fonta

hi Ashley, the workaround consists in "not" submitting results to LMS unless the user passes the quiz, so if Storyline does not send these informations on wrong attempts, no any LMS can track any attempt. Marco Bennardo in this post suggested to modify the js file controlling the status that is sent to lms accordingly to events. In the same post I reported part of the Moodle console log to show how at a certain point there is an error in Storyline functions when sending the raw score to lms, this wrong value causes LMS to change status to Completed.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Zio,

Sorry for my confusion around your post - I thought you were stating this fix worked for you but again attempt count is typically something handled by the LMS,


In regards to an update, we have received confirmation from our team that it'll be fixed in the next update as documented here but I don't have a timeframe to offer in regards to when that'll be released.  In the meantime, you can avoid this behavior by copying and pasting the questions directly into your course rather than using question banks. You'll also want to enable the "Check for updates" at startup so that you'll be notified immediately upon opening Storyline once the update is released (and you're connected to Internet). 

Indrani Sen

Good Morning Ashley, 

I am running couple of problems with a quiz from my course.  As I was reading this forum, I realize that there might be a bug causing it.  However my course was created only in Storyline 2.

 For our courses, it is very important to have a graded quiz for certification purposes. Also ideally it needs to be randomized.  Please could you take a look and let me know, what I could do as a workaround.  

The most important issues are:

  • Test scores are always 42.5 % (Even when user has it 100 % correct).  So users always see only the 'Failure' message
  • 'Print Results ' button does not work. I also get a 'prompt' to enter my name. And then I see a new 'Results' tab in my IE browser, which is empty (image 'print2).

I am attaching a copy of the quiz within articulate as well as a copy of the final screen with my notes.  Your help is much appreciated..especially so as our course goes live soon. Thank you with this and so many other things. Best

Russell Killips

Hello Indrani,

When I have problem with scoring on quizzes, I usually create a new project and then import your slides. This usually fixes the problem. That's what I did with your project and it is working now. The pass mark is set at 90%.

You can also edit the result slide and go to options. You will see a check box: 'Prompt the user for their name before printing'.  I unchecked that box.

The Print Results button does not work well in IE when running locally. It works fine for me when uploaded to a web server.

Sorry, I am unable to help you with error-msg1.png

Indrani Sen

Hello Russell,


Thank you so much.  I understand, and I will check your file as well.  Meanwhile, I was trying to resolve things on my own.   From my end the 90 % works well now. 

However the 'retry' button does not work well.  In the enclosed word file, I have explained the problem with this and other issues as well. Please will you take a look?

Thanks again :)

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Indrani!

I took a look at the Word doc and the questions that you specified there.

Looks like even though you have a retry quiz button on your result slide, you do not have a trigger to reset the results. This would wipe out the users previous responses for the retry.

As far as the feedback, it looks like you have the attempts per question set to Unlimited and the Try Again layer is present and has feedback:

Please note that setting the attempts to Unlimited on individual questions means that the user will need to get the answer correct to proceed.

What is happening with the Print Option? Looks like you are getting the prompt for the user to enter their name.

Your final question, what do you mean by export the questions? Where do you want to export them? I wasn't sure if you meant to import them perhaps? You can check out the documentation here. You can also import them into another project as explained here.

Indrani Sen

Hello Leslie,

I am unable to publish my new project to our LMS system (Course Mill). Please could you help me out. Last month I had uploaded another course created in Storyline 2. Successfully by following these exact steps. However, this course had no videos.

I will be happy to send you a copy of my zipped file. Below are the screenshots of my upload process as well as the error message. Also as the last item is a screenshot of an another Storyline 2 project uploaded successfully last month. I am attaching a description of the problem.

Many thanks



Indrani Sen

Hello Leslie,

Thanks, I get it. Please could you send me the Account URL that I need for publishing. I reached out to Leland Lealaitafea
Account Executive . But have not heard back as of yet. We are in a deadline for this afternoon. And so
I am getting anxious. I will upload the word file too. Thanks





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