Dark mode for Storyline 360

Aug 26, 2019

Hi there

Just wondering if there is a way now (or will be...) in SL360 settings to have the build tool adjustable to a dark grey background and tool bars like in the MS Office suite and Adobe CC programs. I jump from those with a nice dark grey to Storyline 360 and it's bright white window is a bit of a jolt on the eyes...



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Priyanka Mehta

Now that we have Dark and Light mode as themes in player, I wanted to check if there's a possibility we can swap them in between the course by a click. Like we can do in other applications from a toggle button. I have tried duplication of slide but this seems to be a tedious task to create a copy of every slide/scene. 

I would really appreciate if anyone can share tips/tricks/relevant link if they have already tried doing this. I'm struggling on this one. for a while now.

Aly Summers

This request was posted 3 years ago and it's still not on the roadmap. This is a standard accessibility feature in almost every software available today.

When will Articulate start listening to and supporting their users and implement features that we request? This isn't even a ridiculous request. I can't tell you the number of times I've been on threads that have been collecting requests for 2+ years before features have been considered for implementation.

Kyle Mullaney

Jeff, maybe the issue here is that articulate needs to retune their "feel likes" as we are here telling you and EVERY major software developer has FELT like it would benefit their users. I think though what "feel like" actually mean for articulate (now that storyline is on every job description in the training development field) is "Will people stop paying for storyline if we do not include this?" The answer is no. Because the users do not often get to choose which software they will use AND there are no other 'real' options. Thus, we do not get dark mode or the equally AMAZINGLY SIMPLE ability to include formatting default in slide notes or on slide notes in template files (I know that has been a request for at least 9 years).

Glenn Reagon

Your reply makes the case as to why there is no excuse for it not to be added by now.  Storyline is now the industry standard.  As you said, it's on every job description, so that means Articulate is making millions annually on this product.  From individual licenses to corporate licenses.  No excuses that they don't have enough money to hire more programmers to add these types long-requested features.  Dark mode for software this day and age is just as standard as Storyline has become.

There is another thread just as old as this one of people requesting native 4K monitor support.  Same situation as this one.  There's no reason Articulate can give as to why these standard features haven't been added by now.  But as you said, there are no other real options, so they have no reason to care.