ERROR: Being used by another process

Jan 21, 2019

My files every now and they pop up with the error:

"the file XXXX' is being used by another process or you do not have the proper security permissions to access this resource"

Our IT Dept spent and hour last time trying to figure out how to open it and still that wasnt an ideal solution. Anyone know how to hard reset Storyline?

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Katie Riggio

Hi Calamity Jane. So sorry you see that error!

Are the files saved to your local hard drive (typically your C: drive), or are they on a network drive? If they're saved locally, here are a few approaches for us to take:

  • Make a copy of an affected .story file, then change the name of it. Are you able to open the copy?
  • If that doesn't help, a simple repair of Storyline 360 should help.

If you're still getting stuck, please let us know! With your permission, we can look at your .story file and will delete it once we nail down the culprit. If that works for you, you can share the file privately with our Support team here

Anne DeFelice

Hi Ashley,

Thank you. Your support rep has been very helpful. It looks like in my
case the other process is endpoint security software which is interacting
with the file. Unfortunately I don't think there's any way to avoid this
error popping up, and I'm still trying to figure out the best workaround.
However, Storyline does seem to always save the file despite the error
message, into a file with a new name. There does not seem to be any data


Katie Riggio

Hello, Anne. Glad Eric could help, and that your hard work is safe!

Appreciate you also circling back to these related discussions: here and here. I'm certain your update re: checking automated backup programs as well as file sharing programs will help folks who run into a similar issue.

If there's anything else we can help answer, we're here!

Gerry Wasiluk

I do see something similar when I've published a course to web or LMS and am previewing it in FireFox.  I leave that version of the course open in the browser and then go back to editing in SL 360.  Forgetting I have the previous version still open in the browser, I then publish again and this message comes up:

I then close the previous version of the course open in FireFox and then try republishing.   No error message then.

Mike DiFonzo


I had a few issues with my Articulate software and I had to have our IT make some modifications to get everything to either work properly or install updates properly. They always tell me I'm a unique case since I'm the only one in our system that uses it.

We have Sophos security and also an AppLocker. They've had to whitelist Articulate folder with a wildcard so it would run no matter if it was in Articulate\360 or Articulate\360\Studio, etc. 

They also had to change my Group Policy to allow it to run in my %OSDRIVE%\USERS\Your username\APPDATA\LOCAL\TEMP\


Anne DeFelice

Hi Mike,

Thanks!! My organization uses several different security software packages as well. I will continue to consult with them about it. The whitelisting is a good approach—I got some pushback as far as figuring out the error, as IT said they don’t want to have to troubleshoot the Storyline software.


Anne DeFelice

Hi Alyssa,

I don't think its an issue with any particular file. It happens, intermittently, with any Storyline file.  According to your support team, it is probably an interaction with some security software my organization uses.

I will open a case with details. I have attached the error message here as well.


In the meantime, can your Support/QA team check and see if there are any known interaction issues with the following

CB  Protection

ESET Service





ps your support site is a little strange when I type into it. There is a long lag time after I type. 


Anne DeFelice

UPDATE: My organizations's IT team has told me that they can confidently state that is not our Antivirus or any other security causing the Storyline process error on saving. It also is not any backup software causing it.

It is an intermittent issue. All signs seem to point to an issue with the Storyline software itself.



Anne DeFelice

Hi Ashley,

Thanks! I will forward your response to my IT team. The trouble is, they only have so many resources to help with an intermittent issue. I have requested the whitelisting but am still awaiting approval for that. They say they need ample justification to do so, and I’m trying to make a case. Any additional information you could send me on this would be most appreciated.

Thanks again,