Help with Tracking in Saba LMS

I uploaded my Articulate Storyline 2 Course to our Saba LMS. We want it to be compatible with all mobile devices (including android, ipad, iphone, etc) and have the SABA LMS mark the learner as complete. Unfortunately, it's not tracking properly. Does anyone have any experience with this? What should the settings be? Please see screenshot of my settings, and it they are correct? Thanks a lot.  Anna

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anna fidz

Hi Mark or someone from Articulate, thanks for explaining the resume functionality and how it interacts with the Saba LMS.  These are the options that I have in my Articulate Storyline 2 software.  Do you know how each of these interacts with SABA, which one is the best to use? Thanks! Anna

Ali Goulet

Hi Anna-

I'll have to defer to Mark on whether there is one in particular that works best in Saba. However, you may want to take a peek at this article on resume behavior to see which meets your needs. If you decide that either Prompt to Resume or Always Resume is the option that's right for you, you'll need to find out if Saba supports bookmarking:

If you choose Prompt to resume or Always resume, and if you'll be hosting your content in an LMS, do one of the following:

  • If your LMS supports bookmarking, mark the box labeled When running in LMS, ignore Flash cookie. The LMS will control resume behavior in this scenario.
  • If your LMS doesn't support bookmarking, uncheck When running in LMS, ignore Flash cookie. A Flash cookie on learners' computers will control resume behavior in this scenario.
Mark Shepherd

Hi Ali & Anna:

Our organization uses the following STORYLINE PLAYER SETTINGS you have previously mentioned, but to be specific, we use:




NOTE: It's possible that UNCHECKING this Flash Cookie setting may have different Saba LMS handling results, but our tests so far have not indicated that is the case.

Using PROMPT TO RESUME gives the learner a YES/NO choice to decide whether or not they want to CONTINUE WHERE THEY LEFT OFF (answer YES) or RESTART THE COURSE FROM THE BEGINNING (answer NO).

Hope this helps!

Mark Shepherd

Hi Anna:

To clarify:

Storyline/Saba LMS RESUME functionality using my indicated setting choices isn't as reliable as we would like.

In theory, bookmarking functionality should be accurate/precise to the SLIDE LEVEL, or at least within one or two slides from where the learner leaves the course module.

Our informal Saba LMS and learning module tests indicate that resumption from where the learner left off often takes the learner several slides, or at times, as many as 1 or 2 SECTIONS back from where they left off, which is not as helpful or as desirable as we would prefer.

That's not to say that resume from left off points don't work, it's just not always consistent.



Mark Shepherd

Hi Anna:

My organization doesn't like to use "Always resume", as it removes the option for the learner to restart the course, so the short answer to your question is, no, we haven't tested that option at all, as yet.

We prefer to give our learners the choice to resume, but then have the resume option work more accurately than the way it's working now if it IS selected.

In theory, it's possible (though not likely) that "always resume" might work reliably and consistently as a set option or default. 

However, given the inconsistency of resumption not working given the choice to pick that option from a YES/NO question, it's too much of a risk for us to deploy, because if it doesn't work, then it just gives us too many headaches.

If there is an issue with the way resume works now, we simply ask our learners to re-start the course from the beginning rather from the leave-off point, and 9/10, that works perfectly.

anna fidz

Thanks so much, Mark. This was very helpful. I just find that learners get
annoyed when they find that the resume is not working properly and it takes
them back to the beginning as opposed to where they actually leave off.

My course is a Compliance course that is an hour with locked screens
(unable to progress until they listen to all audio and interact with
everything), perhaps it might be useful to ask them to take it in one
sitting (all at once)? Have you had any luck with this?

But, yes, communicating to them that "If there is an issue with the way
resume works now, we simply ask our learners to re-start the course from
the beginning rather from the leave-off point, and 9/10, that works
perfectly" is key.