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Najam  Fazal

Here is one that I use for flipping cards. The sample includes a one-way flipping card and a toggling flip card. They used state and 'swivel' animation giving a flipping effect when clicked. For toggling, I used a T/F variable to conditionally switch the states on click.

Use one-way flip for knowledge checks or quizzes and toggle for matching or review activities.

I've seen and used some of the suggested flip card in the community but this one is my most used. Hope it helps other people.

Najam  Fazal

I've applied the "Swivel" animation in the revealed state. You can see that by selecting the square, go in state, edit 'revealed' state and see the animation tab in the Ribbon on the top.

By default, you cannot apply animation in a new state but there is a well known hack. Just edit the new state, click on the object, cut it and then paste it, you can now apply animations on it.