NEW IN STORYLINE 360: Media Library

Jan 22, 2019

Today we released a really exciting new feature for Storyline 360: media library. Now you can manage all the assets for your project in one place.

Use the media library to easily add, remove, replace, reuse, and export videos, audio tracks, and characters. You can even edit files with third-party apps and save changes back to Storyline 360. This is just the first feature we have planned for media library, so be on the lookout for more to come. Enjoy!

Learn how to get started with media library in this tutorial.

See it in action:

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Whitney Martin

I have duplicate images with different file names, ex. 01 and 03. However, when I import file "03" Storyline 360 renames it to "01". When I try to rename the file back to "03" within Media Library, it changes BOTH file names in my timeline, "01" is now "03". Is there a way to disable this renaming functionality and reflect the actual file names of each file (even if the image is identical)?

Daniel Mies

I would like to request that media library include all types of assets used in Storyline 360.

Case in point: I'm updating older trainings for accessibility and have found that many of the hyperlinks are now broken due to changes in our webpages and SharePoint.  It would be useful to find all instances of a hyperlink in something as useful as media library and make one update to fix all instances of that hyperlink much like you can change all instances of a character.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Angelica,

Great to hear that this is a feature you've been looking forward to.

Our documentation on Managing your Assets with the Media Library includes the following regarding how to best use this with Teams:

Articulate 360 Teams subscribers can collaborate on projects by creating a library of shared team slides that the whole team can access right from Storyline 360.
When you share slides with your team, all media library assets get shared too, including assets that aren’t used anywhere in your project. This is a great way to share assets with your team. For example, you might import company logos, product videos, and other brand elements into the media library so your team has quick access to them as they’re building courses.
When you download team slides into an existing project, only the assets used on those slides get imported into your project. On the other hand, when you start a new project using team slides, all the assets that were originally shared with those slides get imported into your project, including unused assets.

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