Project won't save - Storyline 2

Sep 23, 2014

Getting a different error nearly every time.

Cannot access part because parent package was closed.

Cannot access a closed stream

Store must be open for this operation.

What gives? I can't re-save it as a new file. I'm screwed. About to lose half a day of work here. Any help? We've had this for less than a week, and never had (major) issues with Storyline 1, like this. Saving on C drive. Windows 7. 

Please get back to me asap.

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Michael Grady

Justin, We are experiencing the same issue as you have described. To further describe our situation, our client provided us their SL1 files to work with/clean-up/finish developing; there are video files included. We upgraded to SL2 and also have another developer working on the project.  We had originally been working on a server, but have gone back to working on local/hard drive; We have imported the project into a new project and still are running into problems. Suggestions?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Michael!

Based on your description, and to re-iterate what Justin shared previously, it sounds as if you have confirmed some of the common themes that we are seeing.

That being said: 

Could you send us 3 things:

  1. The SL2 .story project file that is giving you problems.
  2. The backed-up SL1 .story project file before it was upgraded to SL2.
  3. A set of Storyline 2 Error Logs.
Anthony Protasiuk

Hi Leslie,

FYI: Micheal Grady and I are working on this project together. I did send the SL2.story project file and is attached to Case Number: 00437091.

The only problem is that when I ran the "SLLogZip.bat file" from the "How to Upload Articulate Storyline 2 Error Logs to Articulate Support" there was no "" file on my desktop as it stated in the dialogue box. I've checked my desktop a few times since that process thinking it may take a while....that file is a no show.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anthony and Jonathan,

Thanks for sharing that here - and our team is still investigating this issue. I know Anthony that you're working in a support case, and that's the best way to continue with these issues so that our support engineers can continue to look at your system set up in more detail than we can in the forums. 

Jonathan, if you'd like to have us take a look at the behavior as well, please connect with our support engineers here after going through the repair steps mentioned earlier in this thread and linked here. 

David McGhee

I'm hearing a lot of appologies, but no resolution. Why are we doing your beta testing. Storyline 2 Update 1 is a mess. Unable to save files; text boxes disappear; content disappears,... And please don't ask me to submit files or get in touch with your engineers. From what I can see they have enough samples.

Emily Ruby

Hello David!

You should be receiving an email regarding the initial release of Storyline shortly. We do want to let you know that we only support the latest updates of the products, and that there are some bug fixes in this update that we would not want you to miss out on by reverting back to the initial release.

We are still actively investigating this issue, and hopefully with all the samples that we have already received, we can get a resolution soon.

Michael Grady

Hello Emily.

SL2 crashed on me (us) again. I have uploaded the .story file and log per Regil Galve. HOWEVER, when you try to run SLLogZip.bat it does not create a file on your desktop; when you run SLCrash it does, which is what I uploaded.

Please follow up on this issue with me.  We are losing both valuable time, and trust in SL2. The cool new features don't outweigh this issue.

Jean-Guy  Boulay

I may have a temporary solution for those suffering. I am also experiencing the issue, but I have come up with a way to get around it.

As soon as I get the save error I try to save the project out as a different filename. It comes up with an error still, but if I look in the folder there will be a new file created. Don't get excited, it's just a duplicate of the file your working on before the save. I then open that project in a separate instance of Storyline. I do this because I want to preserve all my vars and triggers on the master. I then delete all the slides in the duplicate project, then copy the slides from the project that can't save out. It takes a bit of time, but the slides do transfer. Then I save out the new project without issue.

Hope This saves some people time and money. GL

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all,

I know that this issue persists for a number of you, and our QA team continues to investigate the issue. Since it has not be something we're able to consistently reproduce, it will be helpful to have additional users who are able to share their project files with us and once our team has a fix in place, we'll be able to provide you with a beta version to test that further and confirm that it resolves the issue you've been experiencing. If you'd like to share your files with us, please send them along to our team here and reference this thread so that they're aware of the troubleshooting steps that you've already gone through. 

Thank you for your continued patience as we work towards a fix for this. 

Julie Rodgers

I am experiencing this as well.  Yes, it's with a file that was SL1 then SL2.  Yes, it includes video and/or screen recordings.  I seem to have some luck with saving it under a different name each time, but mine also freezes up on me when I try to publish. 

I'm sure you all are working on it.  We are desperate for a resolution!

Jean-Guy  Boulay

Hi Ashley, due to NDA's I can't share my project file with you guys, but I can maybe shed some light as to when it happens. Hope I don't confuse the matter even more.

If I work on the project without ever opening an adobe product or another instance of storyline, I never have the issue. If I open a second instance of storyline, then the issue turns up about 25% of the time. If I open photoshop and work with some files for about an hour while storyline is open, then try to save the project, it produces the error about 60% of the time. If I have two storyline instances open and Photoshop, I can be 95% sure it will fail to save.

Now if I close everything down before saving the project the chances of a failure go back to about 25%. Also It seems to occur more often on my AMD processor machine (3.4Ghz 6cores, 8GBDual channel ram) than my intel machine (2.8Ghz 4cores. 8GBTripple channel Ram).

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jean-Guy,

Thanks for sharing that additional information here. It sounds like an overall memory issue you may be running into, although you mentioned Adobe specifically? Have you tried with other non-Adobe programs open (like Outlook, web browsers, etc.)? You'll also want to ensure you're saving to your local drive as saving to a network drive is known to cause issues. 

Also, if you'd like to share privately, our Support engineers will keep the files confidential. 

Jean-Guy  Boulay

I think it's a memory issue as well. Other programs don't seem to interfere, word, outlook, and flash all seem to have no adverse effects. As for the location of the project. I have saved to both a portable and local hard drive and there isn't any difference in occurance. It just seems the Intel machine has far less instances of the occurance. In fact I had it happen about 6:1 times on the AMD machine vs the intel. My coworkers have intel machines and had it happen on their systems at least once. I know it's not the graphics cards because we all have different brands.