Published course in Storyline 360 will not play in IE 11

I created a software simulation with storyline 360 and it freezes or will not play in IE11. It sometimes has problems in Firefox as well. Is this because of the size of the course? The quality of the course (resolution)? Users haven't had a problem in chrome that I am aware of.




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Ashley Terwilliger

No apologies necessary, Tyler! I'm also not fully aware of the root cause, but what we were seeing is that an LMS forcing a course into compatibility mode would not allow the Flash or HTML5 content to play, even if you had included Flash as a fallback method. The compatibility mode isn't up to date for HTML5 support, and then wasn't sending the correct information to Storyline to then display the Flash version. 

Republishing the content and uploading a new copy to your LMS should resolve it - if not, we'll want to work with you one on one in a support case. You may also want to check that you're not seeing a cached copy by testing the new version in a private browsing mode, or clearing the browser cache.

Tracy Parish

Wondering if anyone here that was experiencing this issue, did the upgrade yesterday and can now successfully publish.  It didn't work for me (yet).  The html files all look like they have the correct code inserted, but my course window (in my LMS) comes up blank still.


Turning off compatibility mode works and using Chrome works, but neither of these are options for us.

Tracy Parish

I've written back to the Articulate Support person I was dealing with and explained this:

"Hi Ryan:

It's odd, but the updated didn't solve the issue.  It looks like it should....I mean my html files that I was inserting the code into, now have that code automatically, but the courses are still not showing in the LMS.

The course works now, but only if I force the course to open in a new launch window.  This was not the case with SL360 a few versions ago before this error/bug appeared. 

Using the launch window is not ideal for my LMS (and I bet others) because users then tend to close the launch window (where the LMS player is) and then tracking is lost. 

Here’s a screen shot of my LMS course window.  You can see it has a “player” to it…so the HTML code you’ve added in, doesn’t overwrite (I know that’s not the right term) the player window.  Only if I launch into a new window does the course show.  I’m not sure what’s different between the SL360 version now and 2-3 versions ago, but something is still off."

Tracy Parish

It's not specific to an LMS (however mine is called LiME).  I think it is specific to any LMS's that happens to have a "player/package" around the page that courses are run within.  The html code that is now added the the files that launch the courses, does force IE to ignore any compatibility issues, but if your LMS also has places a player/package around the course, then the coding does not know to ignore this as well.

Again, this issue/bug was not present 2-3 versions previous.  I've been using SL360, SL3, Storyline 2, and 1 prior to this for many years now and have never had to force the Launch in a new window.

Nick Niggel

We are also experiencing this issue as we are trying to move away from Flash as the primary output.  We do not use an LMS and are also experiencing sporadic behavior with Internet Explorer 11.  We have corporate customers who's network policies prevent any other browsers from being installed.  Thus we must find a way to make it work with Internet Explorer 11.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Nick,

Do you know if your IE11 browser is going to compatibility mode? We've seen that happen mostly within an LMS when the courses are published from storyline 360, but it sounds like you're publishing for Web? Do you upload to the web server or have you been testing it locally? 

Have you installed the latest update to see if the fix worked for you? 

Nick Niggel

We did install the latest updated.  We publish to Web.  I had to create a loading page that asks the customer to pick which format they want.  Auto Detect, HTML5, Flash, or Mobile to get around HTML5 as the default not working.  The people in IE 11 that had issues seem to be fine with Flash (if it's installed correctly.)  We do not use an LMS at this time.

Tracy Parish

I was given two options, get my LMS vendor to add in the HTML code or turn off compatibility.  Neither of these options are available to me as solutions.  I've had to go with the Launch button, which is not ideal in our system as, surprisingly, it confuses learners and they then close the Launch window (which is the window that tracks the completion) and leave just the course open...when then finish (if they closed that launch window) they close the course window and no record of completion is sent to LMS.

My confusion here is why did SL360 work fine 2-3 versions ago?  What changed?  Nothing on my end...I've got no control/access to anything on this side.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Tracy! I popped into your case, and I wanted to share the article that Ryan shared with you, in case it will be helpful to anyone else in this thread: Storyline 360 and Studio 360: Flash Output Is Blank in Internet Explorer 11.

I'm not fully aware of what changed in the latest updates of Storyline 360, but I'll continue following along with your case and sharing updates here as Ryan provides more information.