SL2: Video editing Issue

Video editing is really really painfull in SL2.

I´ve a video with a size of approx. 100mb and it takes up to minutes (not just one) to see the frame which I selected in the seekingbar in the editing mode. 

I just need to trim the end and begining of the video and it took me now approx. half an hour to do so. And as I have finished editing, SL2 crashed. I don´t want to try it again cos I have other things to do (I´m not your beta tester).

UPDATE: It took me now 2 minutes in SL1

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Ryan O'Connell

Hi Chris,

I trimmed a 120MB video in SL2 yesterday with no issues - managed to do it in less than a minute.  I've just checked now and it took about 3 seconds to open the video in edit mode with the seekbar.

Could the issue be your hardware?  I've found that having decent hardware makes all the difference with video editing.