Storyline 2 User Interface - IMHO...Not Good

Oct 01, 2014

It looks like the Articulate designers must be in the "MS Office" camp.  I personally do not like the new interface color scheme at all.  Just as the latest Microsoft Office interface did/does, the SL2 interface lacks contrast and personalization/customization (I think).

That being said, is there way to change the default user interface color scheme?  If not...this has got to be a near term feature enhancement (fix).

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Lesly Becerra

I agree with Frank's comment. There needs to be more contrast between the color scheme and the buttons. I have noticed that the trigger list also seems to blend one trigger into the other. Very hard to tell where one trigger ends and the other starts. It would be great to see a fix that offers the option of changing the color scheme the offer's more contrast. My eyes are having a very hard time adjusting.


Lesly Becerra

Tom G

This is seriously a bad interface.  I can feel my eyes straining from looking at the screen.  I regret ever updating and this will be my last tool of choice now.  Yes, I reported my complaint to the product development team.  Stark white with gray text and pale blues...  How they approved that interface is really beyond me.  Maybe they went blind!

Lori Scumaci

I just upgraded and was extremely disappointed in the user interface. I agree with everyone's comments here about the strain on one's eyes to work in this application. Since this discussion as been going on for 3+ months I am not optomistic this issue will be resolved. Seems like submitting a feature request is not helping in resolving the problem. Any other suggestions??!!! as it makes it extremely difficult to use this application. 

david mckisick

Yeah I agree. This interface really makes it harder to get my work done because there is no contrasting colors. The worst of it is in the timeline, because I can't see where one thing on the timeline overlaps another as you could with SL1. This is particularly important when you have a large timeline that you can't fit on the screen, so it is impossible to see if I am overlapping another timeline critical object.

I really would have preferred that SL2 retained the same UI design and layout as SL1. The reason for this is that for industry purposes, stable = preferred. If it worked well in SL1, then it should be kept, not replaced with something new and untested. By 'untested' I mean large scale deployments with multiple "use case" scenarios fully tested.

Also, Emily. I note that you say "future version of Storyline". Well, I want these UI changes done to the SL2 version of Storyline via an update. Or I would like to be given the option to pull the SL1 UI into SL2 via a .theme or .template file.

Emily Ruby

Hello David!

Thank you for sharing. We do value any and all input about our products. I would continue to suggest that you do submit your thoughts and ideas about the UI in the feature requests. These are all taken seriously and it is the only way we can know what users of our products want to see changed or  updated. While I cannot guarantee anything will be added in an update to SL2, or in another version we may see in the future, the best way to get ideas across is to submit them to our development team.

Melanie F

I've had some luck with changing my monitor settings. I was able to at least find a setting that provided enough contrast to see what's happening on the timeline which, as you say, is the most difficult region of the app to see.
I'm very disappointed w/ this new UI (and esp b/c Articulate seems to be caving to the new MS 'look')
Changing monitor settings is not a 'solution' but perhaps a workaround that will help.
Good luck!

david mckisick

This issue is actually a big deal for us because it is costing us extra time to develop material. Look, not everyone in this industry has 20/20 eyesight, and even of those who I work with that do, most of them complain about this UI color scheme being too difficult to work with over time. I also think this UI scheme conflicts with 508 color blindness requirements, which is quite the oxymoron for a training tool that supports 508 compliance. I would really like this issue put on Articulates front burner for Update 6. If for no other reason, adding user selectable color layouts to the UI will give your customers choice, which is always a great selling point!

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