StoryLine 3 published files won't open in Chrome.

I created a project yesterday in SL3 and it wouldn't fully open in chrome; it just hangs at the opening spinning wheel.  The same published content opens fine in MS Edge. I'm publishing to HTML5 with flash back up and also tried publishing to just HTML5.

When I open the file through SL360 and publish, everything plays fine in both Chrome and Edge.  I also recreated the file in SL2 and it opens and plays fine in both Chrome and Edge.  The issue only occurs with my SL3 file and only in Chrome.

Published SL360 File

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Karyn Campbell

This is a huge concern for us. I've never had any problems with this before today. This is something very new. I cannot view (locally) a published file in Chrome. I can in IE, but not Chrome. If I click on the Story_flash file (in the published files)- it plays. I've disabled pop up blockers and that hasn't helped. PS running SL 360 and the most recent version of Chrome -Version 64.0.3282.140 (Official Build) (64-bit). Suggestions anyone?

David Breen

Hi Karyn,

When you Publish are you publishing for Flash/HTML5?

If you want to open in a web browser I suggest Publishing for just HTML5 in your settings. Flash is more or less dying and not being supported by a lot of browsers. 

I'm currently in a similar situation in SL3 but with the recent Chrome update it will not let me load the story_html5.html file in Chrome. I'm under the impression however, that a fix was made for SL360.

Are you Publishing for CD or Publishing for Web?

Sam Hammond

The latest version of Chrome blocks the loading of local files. A good workaround for this is to enable IIS on your machine and place your Storyline web output files in a test folder that you create in C:/inetpub/wwwroot/test for testing at http://localhost/test/story.html 

I've created some tutorial videos to outline this process. You may need to navigate to Programs and Features slightly differently on newer versions of Windows 10 -- the Start menu now has an option called Apps and Features where you can launch the classic Programs and Features window as a related setting.

David Breen

Ok. Well I'll try to give my input from my experience in what we're Publishing for. We're offering teachers 3 methods for viewing our Courses.

Online/Web -- We publish as HTML5 Only because our server does not support Flash (Link opens the "story_html5.html" file.

Locally to run on their own computer/SmartBoards -- We Publish for CD. Direct teachers to launch the "story_html5.html" file in Chrome.

Mobile -- We publish to HTML5/Flash and turn on AMP settings. Believe the file to launch is called "amplaunch.html"

Now this is my experience in SL3. I just installed 360 and publishing to all three formats and now opening the "story_html5.html" file in Chrome loads my courses like it should.

My recommendation is if you're publishing for Web and plan to use Chrome anyway I'd publish as HTML5 only and avoid trying to include flash or ever opening the story_flash file. I think Chrome will naturally put up a blocker telling you to activate the flash plug in if you want to open the file.

Hope that helps!

Karyn Campbell

Now I’m even more concerned. It’s not even working on the LMS? I was going to test tomorrow. I was having an issue on my local drive. I agree, this is a browser issue and for me, just started on Friday. We publish as Tincan HTML5/Flash fallback. We need a solution- and fast. 

David Breen

Sorry, Gillian. For my team, Publishing our course in SL3 and uploading to our LMS and viewing in Chrome has worked for us. Only if we Publish as HTML5 only because Flash is blocked on our firewall. 

I have not tested on a Windows 10 machine yet however. So I apologize if the above didn't  help. I did mention I downloaded the Trial Run of SL360 that seemed to fix my Chrome Local Playback issue although it created an enormous amount of other bugs in my course. So I don't think that is currently a solution I can run with.

So I am also still looking for a solution to this.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all,

I'm sorry for the issues you ran into this weekend. Our team has seen with the recent Chrome updates that local playback of content does not work. This would only be for Storyline 3 or 360 content that you had published for Web or LMS and were playing back while housed locally such as on your C drive.

If you've uploaded your courses to the web server or LMS, the playback there should not be effected. If you are seeing issues once you upload to the intended environment as we recommend I'd look at testing outside your environment to narrow down where the issue is. For example: 

If you're still running into issues after testing in any of those other environments, please let us know. Our Support team is around 24/7 here (a smaller group on weekends!) but they are happy to help and will keep an eye on if this is specific to one course/LMS or a larger issue across all users that needs to alert our broader team. 

Karyn Campbell

Hi All:

During testing, my coworker published to the (Web) using our usual settings, HTML5/Flash (fallback) and was able to open and view on her desktop- in Chrome and IE- with no issues. This makes me think that possibly something changed with my security settings.

Additionally, I had an update – or two waiting and once I updated 360 (v3.12.14647.0), it worked as it always did. We are still testing on the LMS (Absorb).  Thanks to all for your suggestions/ feedback.