Storyline 360 Can't Access Content Library - "offline" message

Mar 31, 2017


I am trying to select Slides > Content Library to download a template, but receive a message that I am "offline" and can't use the Library?

any suggestions? Thank you.

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Dan Kingsley

Howdy, jumping on this thread as I'm helping a co-working with the same problem.  She can access the images, avatars, and all other content but the Video button gives her the 'offline message'.    When she's in one of the screens she can access, like illustrations, photos, etc. she can select the drop down for videos and it works there.    I've told her that installing the latest updates might help.  Any other ideas?   Thank you!

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Dan - Sorry to hear that your co-worker experienced a similar issue.

We did have an incident yesterday that has been resolved. You can follow our status here for future reference.

The latest update did address some Content Library issues as well and we certainly advise utilizing the latest version. Details and instructions can be found here.

W Gill


I am having a complete and absolute fit dealing with this "you are offline" issue.  I work in a Financial Services company and we just don't open up endpoints with the snap of the fingers.  I have had A360 for January 2017 and we still cannot get this to work.  I have gone through so many hoops dealing with these endpoints that I now question if this whole upgrade was even worth it.  Our IT department has added the endpoints that Articulate support has suggested and as of Sat. morn, 5/27 - still nothing.  I can get to review link to review a course (which wasn't working) but it is useless to us because we cannot publish to Review Link for stakeholders to review.  Content Library is "offline".  

I have the latest update v3.5.11153.00 - doesn't help.

I am looking to this community for any help/suggestions/tips to get this off the ground, else this is the biggest waste of money that I have ever stuck my neck out for.  I have an ongoing ticket with the support team but I need an actual call with someone.  Can I get a refund if this doesn't work within the next month??

Here is a suggestion for Articulate - keep in mind not all companies can just get your software to work. The fact that you have to create an Endpoint documents should push you to create a different model.   Start thinking about those individuals that work for financial institutions or government offices when you roll out this "amazing" product again.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi W,

I can see that you’re still struggling with content library and Storyline 360 since you reached out here and in this other discussion.  I'm sorry that it's causing you so much trouble. 

I also know that Bret is currently helping you in a case and he can get you in the right spot if you needed to go the route of a refund. 

Let me know if there is anything else I can help with. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi W,

First, it looks like your email signature came through when you replied via email! No worries, this Peek video will show you how to remove it if you'd like.

I know you've been working on this with Bret and he shared info earlier this week on other URLs to allowlist. Was your IT team able to help with that? If you are still running into the offline message after going through those, let us know! 

Gail Carmichael

This is a brand new problem for me as well. Before today, I had  no problem accessing any of the items in the Content Library (photos, videos, characters, icons) from my Storyline 360 courses, but today it's telling me I'm offline.  I can open the Content Library and browse it, I can insert images, etc. from the Content Library into my Rise courses, but as of today, I cannot get into the content library from Storyline. I also noticed that Storyline is taking much longer to actually open today, not sure if that's related.  Again, not a problem I've encountered before.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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