Trigger Jumps to Wrong Cue

Hey all,

I am making an interactive video slide. I have defined sections of the video using numerous cue points on the timeline. An overlaid set of menu items uses the cues to jump to different sections of the timeline before jumping back to the menu cue point at the end of each one. In addition, there is a small portion--also defined by cues--within one section that may or may not be skipped according to the value of a previously set variable. 

Here is the problem: when the variable is set to jump over the small portion, instead of jumping to it's defined cue point about 30 seconds later, it goes back to the cue point where the menu is. If the variable is not set to jump the portion, all is well and the timeline goes right on through that portion. All the other cues and triggers seem to be working properly. I have experimented with several variations on the variable/trigger combo but it still goes awry. I even tried deleting all the cues and triggers and starting over. Still no joy.

Does anyone know of a solution or at least a reason for this behavior?

Thank you,



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Lauren Connelly

Hi Allen!

Sorry for the trouble! It sounds like the triggers are jumping to the wrong cue point. It's difficult to pinpoint the reason and/or solution without seeing the file. Would you mind sharing your project with our Support Engineers? You can upload it to them privately in a support case so they can take a look at what you've created so far!

Allen Way

Update: Angelo in Articulate support believes it may be a bug involving mishandling of some jump triggers after a pause trigger.

My workaround for the issue was to make a copy of the slide, w/o the portion to be skipped, and send users to the different slide when that portion was not called upon.


PS. I like to help squash bugs!