Videos not playing in IE on HTML5 output

Hi all,

I've been having problems with multiple videos and multiple courses playing in IE10 & 11 with content published from SL360. It seems that when the page loads, the first frame of the video shows, but then fails to actually play. I have found that by swapping the video out for another one, and then changing it back, actually resolves this issue. However it's quite and inconvenience, especially with courses that are quite media heavy.

Any thoughts?


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Mike Torres

Hi Alex, 

I found this thread which might help.  Alyssa mentioned towards the end that there's a known bug which might cause the issue you're having, and the workaround is to disable the compatibility mode.  

But you might also want to try Phil's suggestion to "republish to Flash First."  

Hope it helps!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi all, the issue in the thread Mike linked was specific to the Flash output not playing in Internet Explorer with Compatibility View enabled. That bug has since been fixed in a recent update. 


Alex, it sounds like you're having issues with videos playing in Internet Explorer. Can you help me with a few more details?

  • Where is the published course hosted--a LMS or a web server?
  • Have you tested the same video in a new Storyline file? Does the same thing happen there?


Faye, thanks for chiming in. You'll want to view the published output in the environment for which it was published. If you're testing the content locally, you may be encountering security and browser restrictions. So uploading it to SCORM Cloud for LMS or Tempshare for Web will make sure that you can view the content as expected!  

Rachel Ingram

Just wanted to add that I've experienced the exact same issue as Alex. In the end, we created two versions of the course: one for IE with a link to the video in Vimeo, and another for Chrome/Safari/Firefox with the video in the course, which plays just fine. (This was a couple of months ago, so I wasn't fortunate to come across this post!) However, I just tested an MP4 file I created in Camtasia in a SL 360 file, viewing the HTML5 version in IE, and it works just fine. I'm not sure if this was a bug that was fixed or if it happens at random, but I wanted to let you know that Alex is not alone.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Rachel for sharing those steps, and I'm sorry to hear you've had to go to that extra work. Perhaps your LMS or IT team looked at disabling compatibility mode to allow the course to work normally?

Also, it was only restricting the Flash content from running in IE - but not falling back to the HTML5 either (based on compatibility) so that could explain what you were experiencing as well. 

Keep us posted if you run into any issues again. 

Crystal Horn

Hi David.  Thanks for reaching out!  I ran a quick test on my output hosted on SCORM Cloud and built using Storyline 360 (version 3.10.13923.0), and the video played both automatically and when clicked.  Check it out here.

Do you have a link to your content that I can test?  Or even if you'd like to share your .story file, I can publish on my end and see if I'm getting the same results.

Lars Berger

Hi Leslie and others

We also experience that mp4-files on some slides made in SL 360 do not play in in IE 11, when publishing HTML5 with flash-fallback. We also do not want to publish to flash-first, although this will be working fine.

Question is what is going wrong. Any solution for this issue, which you could put in an update? Odd thing is that it is not all of the videos, that wouldn't play, just on some slides, with the first slide of a story.html5-file being problematic most often. 

Looking forward to a solution. Kind regards


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lars - In looking into some of the user posts here as well as other threads and support cases, it seems that it is system specific and we have had a hard time replicating. Did you take a look at the compatibility mode for IE as mentioned above? Does this happen to all users?

If you need us to take a closer look, you are welcome to share your .story file with our team here.

Lars Berger

Hi Leslie

Thanks for your response. Yes, we have made sure that the issue is not related to compatibility view. 

Actually we also have found out that there are some users, who can play all video on all slides. As far as we can see right now it is Windows 10 users, who do not have any issues, while Windows 7 users are experiencing that the video on some of the slides does not play. Actually the video file is replaced by an image, the playbar for the slides then moves.

We have also found out that this issue is independant of security settings. 

Would be great to get a break through here!

Kind regards 


Crystal Horn

Hi Lars.  I did a quick test with my team, hosting a video slide in my web space and having a colleague test the HTML5 output in IE 11 in their Windows 7 environment.  The video launched quickly and played without issue.

It sounds like you might have multiple videos in your project; I wonder if there is a content loading issue.  Can you share your .story file with us here, or in a case, for review?

Izette Du Toit

Hi guys, Im going to jump onto this one. Exact same problem. 

Running most updated version of 360 plus IE11, video is not playing on "some" computers. We've checked all security settings etc. I have recreated the video in Camtasia (exporting in different formats, I've done .wav/mp4 and .wmv and updated, still no video playing. 

It displays the first screen of the video as an image, and remains there for the duration of the video. I've published both HTML5 and Flash etc. No luck! The course is through an LMS. Tested in Scorm Cloud - works on all browsers, but selected computers.

I've been working on this error for days, and now completely out of solutions. Any assistance would be appreciated.



Alyssa Gomez

Hi Izette,

Thanks for letting us know what you've already tried. You mentioned you tested in SCORM Cloud, and the video played in all browsers on some computers, is that right? Can you tell me more about the computers it did not work on?

Would you be willing to share the unpublished Storyline file with us by clicking here? We can help you get to the bottom of this!

Leslie McKerchie

I did not do anything different to your file.

My IE11 is installed on Windows 8.1, you mentioned testing on Windows 10, so curious if the issue is still happening on Windows 7 which is what you reported. Is that the specific environment needed to replicate or are you not able to replicate?

Also, curious if you are experiencing the issue in your Windows 10 with your original publish? That may indicate your LMS vs the course/environment.

Just let me know what you find :)

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