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Jerson  Campos

@ Arthur, Sara, and other EULA concernees

I ask someone up top in the Articulate chain and I haven't received a straight answer yet. But for those of you who are concerned about any EULA violations, I do have another solution that would work for you. I had planned to also sell .PNG files of the different expressions and poses (for those with other software). The expressions and poses would be in separate files so that you can combine them and mix them as you please.

Jerson  Campos

@ Eric

I would love to do this all day long. I love to draw and wanted to be a comic book artist when I was young (although 33 isn't that old).  I do have plans to make some children characters in a very fun and energetic style.  So keep your eyes out for them.

@ Bob

Are you asking if was able to get png files to load like the photographic characters in Storyline?  No not yet.  I imagine the database format is a bit different and I just found out (maybe) that they are actually 3 different pieces (head, torso, full body).  I have plans to add photographs of people, but it won't be anytime soon.


Jerson campos said:

@ Darren

That all it basically is.  just change the files from .acp to .zip and then you can open them.  All the artwork files are .wmf files and can be opened with inkscape or illustrator.  Just take care of changing the artwork. Before you manipulate any of it,  just make a copy of the original file and give it a different name. If you mess around with the file names or the .csv file in there you can cause some errors in storyline.  Nothing serious, just delete the file, restart storyline, and try again. I'll be putting up a screenr of what I figured out so far about the "database" (.csv file) and how to create custom characters. 

This doesn't work for the photographs though. You can still peek inside the file if you change it to .zip, but you can't extract the images since it is password protected. 

Hey Jerson - You said you were able to change .apc to .zip and extract character files?  can you give me some more info.  When I try that, I get an error "Central Directory Not Found" - any ideas?


Stephanie  Nesbitt

Great work Jerson! I know several people are looking for characters for construction, medical, and customer service or call center, however, I believe there is a HUGE gap for casual characters between the ages of 18-25 years old.  I work at an all things teen company and it is and has been a daunting task finding characters that fit our core demographics as well as them looking up-to-date and modern.  The storyline younger characters still look much older and out-dated to use for any of our content.  Maybe there is a market here for you.  I know I would certainly purchase a bundle of youthful, casual dressed, modern look and feel, humor expressions  and that would appeal to our young and hip learners. 

Sergey Snegirev branchtrack.com

Figuring out the format for the apc/acp files would be interesting, because they we could allow users to upload them to our dialogue builder. However, it seems that the photographic file is password-protected to force only the intended (inside-Storyline) use. I guess Storyline decyphers the package on import. I'm sure it all comes down to licencing issues.

Mike Jones

Hi Jerson,

I know it's been asked multiple times in the thread, but are there any updates on that tutorial or word from Articulate as to whether this sort of thing violates their EULA?

My organization is very interested in this sort of thing so that we could brand our training with in-uniform characters.

If it turns out to be a violation of the EULA I sure hope that someone on the Articulate Community  team has noticed the interest in this thread and that it could be worked into a future software update!



Jerson  Campos

Hey Michael,

I'm actually really swamped right now, but a tutorial is planned down the line. 

I've actually communicated with some individuals at Articulate and the official remark is basically "no comment".  But they are very excited on the interest. As long as you don't slap a logo on one of their characters and try to resell it ( I create mine from my own template).

I do have a couple of ideas for better character customization for future updates. This should really make it a lot more flexible than it currently is.

If anyone from Articulate has any updates about the EULA agreement, please chime in.