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Chris Perez

Looking forward to the tutorial on how to create these. I've tried and just get errors when importing into Storyline.

1. I created EMF files of heads and bodies (exported from Illustrator from a PNG file, then tried again directly from Flash, where my original art was created).

2. Updated the Metadata.csv file, and it appears to be correct based on the original Articulate characters' files

3. Packaged the folder with the metadata and EMF files as a zip, renamed it as a .acp file, and added it to the Common Files/Articulate/Characters/Illustrated folder.

Still not working, but Jerson's worked when I added his packaged file....so not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Chris Perez

Jerson campos said:

Are you exporting PNG files to EMF?  This won't work. I've tried it before and either I get errors or it turned out looking really bad.

You need front and side poses.  If you like you can send me the EMF data and I can look at it.

Another thing is just to start with 1-2 expressions and 1-2 poses.

After figuring out the PNG to EMF doesn't work, I started exporting to EMF directly from Flash. I did start with 2 poses (front and side, heads and bodies). Not sure exactly what's wrong. I'd love to send you what I've done if you had a few moments to see if there is anything obvious that I'm putting together incorrectly.

EDIT: OK, figured out the first issue - I was missing a column in the CSV file. Now to figure out how to get the heads and bodies to align!

Chris Perez

I had to abandon this for now. The EMF files created in Flash didn't turn out very well for whatever reason (maybe my starting images are too small?). And I'm not sure I have the time to figure out the head/body alignment situation without a starting point of knowing how it's figured.

Thanks, Jerson. I'll email you if I get a chance to pick this up again.

Jerson  Campos

Hey Alex,

After several attempts at doing a screencast, I realized it's way too much information for a 5 minute screen casts. I'm thinking of writing a in-depth step by step tutorial. I just have to find the time. But keep an eye out on this forum since this is the first place I'll post it when I get done with it.

Monica Speer

Jerson, these look great! I am continually looking for new options. (I am ready to learn how to build my own). One pose I have found hard to find is a character with their back turned. I work on some customer based courses and sometimes just want to see the employee's face. That is what I am currently searching for and can't seem to find it.

Thank you for sharing! They look wonderful!

Miranda Verswijvelen

Hi all,

Maybe not as fancy as the completely self drawn ones (unfortunately not too good at that!) - but I get quite satisfactory results with using a web app called 'CartoonYou' to create the faces;which I think are the most challenging to draw. Then, only using the faces/necks I do a bit of a paper doll action with pasting cut out uniforms on top.

The nice thing about CartoonYou is that you can make lots of expressions playing with eyes, mouth etc.

An option forposes is taking some of the E-learning art characters so you can use the different poses for your paper doll dressing.

Or grab a picture of the pose you want online and draw over it using the technique Tom K showed not so long ago in one of his blogs.

I've attached some samples -not as fancy as Jerson's - tp show some things I've tried.

Jerson  Campos

Hi William,

The program places the head first and then the body. You have to create an empty container ( a shape with no fill or stroke) where the head would be and move it up about 15px (after you align it to the top of the head).  The body has to be centered on the head too. This means you have to add empty containers on the body so that the center of the body (when you select all) matches the center of the head (when you select all). It took me a while to figure this out because these shapes dont show up in the EMF/WMF files. 

Safurah Abdul Jalil

Hi @Jerson!
I came across this thread when searching for ‘how to build custom characters in Articulate Storyline’. Kudos for taking the initiative to do this. Unfortunately, the link you shared (https://visual-e-learning.com/) doesn't seem to work anymore. Even the video you initially shared at the beginning of the post (https://player.vimeo.com/video/53707715)  is not showing the correct video. I'm really keen to look at your solution and hope you can continue to share it. Thanks in advance!

Jerson  Campos

Hi Mike, with the latest upgrade to Storyline 3 and 360, the process has changed in creating the characters. And since I've gone to freelancing full-time, I haven't had much time to figure out the new process, or create new characters for Storyline 2.  I still plan on offering the free characters I created, I just need some time how I want to do that on my website. But if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message.