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Hi, and welcome to the "Freelance Heroes" thread, a place where Articulate Freelancers help each other. Got a question about freelancing? Or perhaps you have an e-learning asset that may be valuable to those "doin' their own thing"? This is the place to share--to give.

To start things off, I'd like to share a short list of questions that help me figure out what kind of training a potential client wants. (So often they have no idea what they want.) The list is far from exhaustive, but may be of some help. Looking forward to meeting you. --Daniel  

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Daniel Brigham

Karen: Yes, as Holly says above, this is a common problem. But hey, now you know, and will be able to better set the expectations for your next client. So often in the initial stages, a client will throw an unrealistic timeline out, and that's where you step in and begin to manage their expectations. "Well, actually, I estimate this project would take about three months, if we factor in creating content, two review cycles, etc., etc."

Clients have unrealistic timelines because they don't realize how much of the work THEY are going to have to shoulder.

Kai ...

@Bruce, @Holly -Thanks for your insight, as  always!

 I have done so when I submitted my SOW. I guess, it is truly a money issue for them. However, I also know they are clueless about the online learning environment and would like to consult on this as project 2. I ma half mind to start with project 2 so they can have an I depth understanding of what is truly involved when it comes to eLearning design and development. At the same time, I am not making money as they aren't certain as to what they truly want in terms of priorities. 

I have been fortunate to get other work that will occupy me for the next 2 months that will consist of less PM and more development. I will have to give them a game plan to come back to the table in 2 months once they have decided what their priorities are because I won't be able to juggle both big projects since they both will require 8r days. My health and leisure is way morte important than money. Work +life = Fun !!!

I don't want to lose them, but at the same time would like to be realistic whether I can meet their expectation. 

Kai ...

@David - That is so funny that you say about the whole cycle coz the client is basically saying, we will just give you the content and take it from there.  They have an unrealistic view and mostly knowledge gap. I don't have the bandwidth to sit down and explain it all because in their minds it is= We have the content, just create it. As you said, it is a learning process and it is part of growing pains

Thanks for the insight!

Job Available

eLearning Developers Required for Immediate Start

A real opportunity totake all of your eLearning experience and make a massive impact. We are lookingfor dynamic individuals to work in our fast-paced environment.

We require a two eLearning Developers to take the storyboards fromthe Instructional Designer and create dynamic, interactive, scenario-basedeLearning incorporating live video and utilising Storyline. Youmust be highly creative, have great ideas and be technically competent. We wantto push the boundaries of eLearning. This is NOT a PowerPoint conversationexercise with some audio over the top!

You should be able to manage your activities to a tight schedule - we have alot of work to do! Candidates can work remotely or at our offices in the EastBay area of California. Benefits include a competitive salary and bonus scheme.We are open to engaging candidates as full and part-time employees or on a 1099basis.

In the first instance please submit your resume to, which should identify areas where youbelieve yourself to be very strong. If you can submit links to any of yourprior work that would be very helpful. Finally, please indicate your startavailability.

Alistair Monaghan

Storyline expert required (apologies if this isn't the correct location to post)

We've recently lost a important member of our team and we need to complete some important e-learning modules for a very big client.

We are based in Stockport UK

Please contact me if you might be interested in the job



Duane Knudsen

Hi, I would like to find a partner freelancer in the Phoenix area. We need a local skilled Storyline developer who can work with us to develop system and process related training. Contract, as needed. Could be a long term relationship. Please contact me direct for initial discussion if interested. Will need resume, portfolio samples, and wage requirements.

Kai ...

Bruce: Thanks! I did with my first client. then I got a short gig whereby it was written in the contract 'after the project'. i didn't feel the need to request a different schedule because I thought my ne client will be keeping me busy. So life doesn't turn out that way... only to find out after I signed the contract, my FT client put a hold on the project till the same time I finish my contract gig :(  

Thank goodness for savings!

Phil: I will look into that, thanks!

Jenise Cook (

Kai (Freelancer) said:

Hey All,

Does anyone use any invoicing software? If so, which ones do you recommend I buy? BTW, Is it normal to invoice after the completion of the entire project albeit it is short term? It's a long 3 months...sigh:(


"Is it normal .... ?"

Hello, Kai, "that depends".

Similar to what Bruce wrote above, it's the arrangement you and the client agree to in legal documents you both sign, such as a Master Service Agreement (several pages), a Letter of Agreement (1-2 pages), or included in your Statement of Work.

(See and for sample agreements.)

When working with a client for the first time, we usually ask for 50% of the estimated project cost up front, and we turn all final, source project files to the client after the final 50% payment, deposited, has cleared the bank.

Both and provide escrow services.

For Invoices, comes recommended by many people, although I haven't used it myself.

Jenise Cook (

Bruce Graham said:

I got so sick of people asking the same sort of thing ("...but don't you just add a voiceover to PowerPoint - why do you take so long and charge what you do...?") that if I'm asked that question now, I built, and now just refer them to this:

Hope that all helps a bit more.

Bruce, thanks for making that video!!

You've given me some ideas re: client conversations that I could put into video as well.

You're a rock star.

Jerson  Campos

Hey Jeremy,

This is probably "THE" professional community of storyline developers.  I'm sure you'll get plenty of PMs.  It would help if you stated if you prefer someone local or remote and how we can contact you. Also if you would like candidates to send you resumes and samples of their work. 

Micah Kaplan

eLearning Designer/Producer

Mid-sized San Francisco marketing firm looking for a creative powerhouse well-versed in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Captivate 7 for freelance or potential long-term contract. Responsibilities include concept development, design, and production for animated eLearning modules. 

In addition to creative “chops”, the ideal candidate should have:

• Experience producing rich interactive experiences on a broad range of digital media platforms 

• Experience creating SCORM-compliant content

• Familiarity with the Saba platform

• The ability to work well in a team environment (art directors, copy writers, account team)

• A willingness to to work on-site

• A strong work ethic—and a commitment to meeting deadlines

If this sounds like a fit, please send a link to your online portfolio and resume/contact information to 

Daniel Brigham

Bruce Graham said:

@Karen, after some overnight reflection, if it makes it any easier, this could just be part of their negotiation tactics.

I am always going on and on about understanding "business" as well as concentrating on just understanding "learning".

You can probably pick up an introductory book on negotiation techniques at Amazon for a few £/$. It would probably help you understand this sort of thing when it happens, you will still need to have your answers prepped, but it would help you be prepared for them and understand what is possibly happening.

Holly's suggestions are spot on - and are where you forget about "learning" and create (in effect...) a "Business Advert". It's where those two worlds meet for an instructional designer. I got so sick of people asking the same sort of thing ("...but don't you just add a voiceover to PowerPoint - why do you take so long and charge what you do...?") that if I'm asked that question now, I built, and now just refer them to this:

Hope that all helps a bit more.

Bruce: Very nice work, my man. I kept waiting for the voiceover and there was a nice tension when I realized, "Oh, so NO voiceover." Also liked how you cleared the stage of everything every so often to let us breathe a bit. Must check out PowToon now. --Daniel
Mikol Davis

Hi all.  I'm brand new to this site and I am looking for some help with educational design for a web based product as well as an instructor led version of some of the material.  Another curriculum designer suggested this site as a good place to find qualified people. The project is training for financial services professionals.  We know very little about educational design, though we have the expertise and the content assembled and it has been reviewed, critiqued and reworked.  Now, we are ready for the next phase, to take it to market after being sure it meets industry standards.

If anyone here is interested, we'd like to talk with you.  If you can refer us to someone, we would be most grateful.  We need to get a framing document ready to present to our first prospect, who has expressed interest. We need to put a 3 phase curriculum into a format from which financial service people can learn a new skill set.  The ILT portion is first.  We expect that the material will also be applicable to other professional audiences as well. Non-disclosure agreement will be needed before getting into the material of course.

Thank you for any help.


Michele  Thompson

Hi everyone!

I'm new to this community.  I was directed to this forum in search of an Instructional Designer. I am seeking an ID to work with my team on a blended learning project for 3 months, approximately 20-30 hrs per week.  My preference is for someone local to the Atlanta area but will consider an ID with strong skills in a remote capacity.


  • Intermediate to advanced skills: Storyline, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint
  • Strong background in Instructional Design methodology
  • Experience developing instructor led courses

Must be able to provide samples and references. 

Please send me an email for additional details.