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Aug 02, 2012

Hi, and welcome to the "Freelance Heroes" thread, a place where Articulate Freelancers help each other. Got a question about freelancing? Or perhaps you have an e-learning asset that may be valuable to those "doin' their own thing"? This is the place to share--to give.

To start things off, I'd like to share a short list of questions that help me figure out what kind of training a potential client wants. (So often they have no idea what they want.) The list is far from exhaustive, but may be of some help. Looking forward to meeting you. --Daniel  

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Bryce  Wilkinson

Hi all,

Please see attached. In scene 2 I have a quiz that pulls 20 random questions from a 30 question bank. I cannot for the life of me determine why when I finish answering question 19, it automatically skips question 20 and goes to the results page. When reviewing the quiz, it shows I got question 20 wrong (obviously) because it skips it and goes to the results slide. Any ideas at all? I’ve attached the .story file. Many thanks for your help with this!


Wendy Farmer

Hi Justin

haven't been through the whole thing but it may have to do with this trigger on this question. That jump trigger doesn't appear on any other Q slide.


update: I've run through the quiz a couple of times and I get presented with 20 questions each time.  I suspect if the above question is presented as Q19 then it will jump to the results slide due to the trigger.


Richard Watson

Just adding as a free resource for my fellow e-learning freelancers.

I've put together a website that focuses on many of the questions e-Learning freelancers ask along with my take on each of them. Feel free to drop by and search through the questions. Hopefully, you'll find something you can use to help grow your own business. It's a great field to be in!

Here is just a snippet of some of the questions/answers on my site. If you don't see something that applies to you, just let me know and I'll do a short post on it.

- 5 Tips for Subcontracting Freelancer Work

- How to Fight Burnout in Your First Year

- How to Get Your Clients to Pay Up Front

- How to Know When to Raise Your Freelance Rates

Trevor Bodz

I am looking to hire a freelancer/contractor to build out/author 18-20 courses for us, your company will need to located anywhere in Canada

I will also cross post to "Building Better Courses". These courses are safety based courses that employers use to train their employees to get them home safe and the end of the day. While the content is not always fun, we need to make it engaging and exciting.

I would love to see some samples of your work as well. I am open to hourly work or a fixed price contract.

What we are now

  • Currently we have 18 courses that range anywhere from 1 hr to 4 hrs in length
  • We have two more courses created that have never been published
  • The LMS is a home grown solution that is based on flash that we are replacing (see improvments section)
  • I would describe the course format similar to powerpoint
    • You read/listen to text and then click on next, until you hit the exam
    • There are some interactive slides with
      • True/False questions
      • Drag and drop
      • Mutiple choice
  • Each course has a 50 question exam at the end 
    • The 50 questions are pulled from a bank of 60-200 questions for that specific exam
  • After the exam, employees need to confirm it was them that took the course/exam and confirm they understand the content
  • We can give you access to a course to see what they are like.

What the future looks like

  • We would like to be able to edit/update courses in articulate
  • We want to log learning actions with xAPI into our own learning locker instance
    • We need help thinking of what all the actions are that make sense to log
  • Several of the courses will need to have “learning paths” with them
    • Many of the courses will have a general one that applies to all provinces in Canada and then an add on module for each province (content TBD)
    • As an example, there would be a course A for all of Canada, and then if you live in Manitoba, you take sub module A1, if you live in Alberta then you take submodule A2 etc
  • We want to update the format of the course as there are new and more effective ways of learning online (as I guessing training has evolved)
    • What do you recommend?
  • We will be hosting our content in moodle
    • Actually it will be in Iomad which is a multi-tenant version of moodle
  • We are considering to also have standalone exams so that users can prove competency without having to take the course.

Please reach out if you are interested.


Chris Ayers

Chris Ayers, here, CEO at Yukon Learning.

Over the past 10 years, we have steadily grown our company. Now, we need help to continue that growth and serve even more customers.

Today, we are launching the Yukon Developer Network, a collective of e-Learning contract resources that specialize in all facets of developing e-Learning using the award-winning tools from Articulate. In addition to experienced Articulate developers, we're also looking for talented instructional designers.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our extended team, working with us as an independent contractor, please visit our new portal.

Yukon Developer Network

Here you'll learn more about what we are looking for, and the process for becoming part of our extended family.

Thank you!

- Chris

Cristina Devrin

E-Learning Developer (freelance opportunity) in Seattle area

Seattle HR is looking for an E-Learning developer to create approximately 4-5 brief 15-minute online courses for supervisors.

There are existing instructor-led training materials and recorded webinars that will give you somewhere to start but we are not looking for a copy/paste. We are looking for an e-learning developer that can use those materials as a foundation, apply adult learning theory best practices, and work with SMEs to create engaging, and interactive online modules.

Ideally, we would like an e-learning developer in the Seattle area but there is the possibility for remote work in the right situation.

If interested and available to work on this project, please respond to this thread or send me a PM with contact info to get more project details.

Lauren Russell

Hi Cristina

I am an e-learning specialist seeking a new project to expand my existing portfolio. I have over 10 years experience designing on line training for the government as well as the private sector. I have done instructional design, LMS and SCORM implementation, user interface design, coding, and 2D and 3D animation/interactivity. 

I have worked with the Adobe suite, including Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator- as well as Captivate, Articulate, PowerPoint, and Camtasia, among others. 

I have attached my resume and screenshots of my previous work can be found at 

I can also provide live samples upon request. 


Lauren Russell

Jenna Wallace

I work in an Executive MBA program and we're in the process of developing blended learning modules for our program. We're looking for a freelancer to work with accounting faculty to develop foundation modules using Storyline. The ideal candidate will have intermediate to advanced skills in Storyline - project will require template design, content conversion (from Word) and basic to intermediate interactions (but no scenarios).  Experience or education in accounting would be a huge plus. This would be an immediate start, with some deliverables in mid-August, with work continuing through at least December. 

If interested, please email me at

Shivani Singh

Hello all,

We are looking for an individual with experience using Articulate Storyline to support the transition of educational content for a London (UK) university. This role will be part-time for 3 months with the possibility of extension. The core responsibility will be to work with academic staff in creating interactive teaching content. In addition to Articulate, you may need to edit videos and convert existing PPT content to Storyline. Deliverables needed in early September. Please email for further information. We would like someone in the role as soon as possible, all work can be done remotely so you do not need to be based in London. 

Kristin Hatcher

Hi all, 

We're looking for a contract Instructional Designer for a six month contract working for a US Federal Government agency. Experience with 508 compliance would be helpful. If all goes well, the contract could be extended indefinitely. Currently this job is available as remote work, however, you'd be required to go into an office to get equipment and your access card (you must use the government provided equipment) and once quarantine is over you may be asked to work in an office. There are offices all over the US, so in theory you could be anywhere in the US. You would also need to be able to get a "Public Trust" security clearance, which is the lowest level of security clearance and quite an easy, if time consuming, process. Good internet access is also required, and you would be expected to work "normal" business hours, M-F, 8 am to 5 pm. 

The contracting company is Please email your resume and portfolio or samples to

To be clear, this is full-time temporary work as an employee of LDSS Corp, contracted to the Federal government. 

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