I'm a beginner!

I’ve been a classroom teacher for 11 years, and I’m trying to transition to the world of instructional design. I recently applied and interviewed for a design specialist position in my school district. My first interview went well and I've made it to the secound round which consists of a role-play and performance task exercise to demonstrate my Instructional Design and Project Management skills.

Some details...

I was given a word document with 6 topics and a few bullet points as well as a 10 question quiz to transform into an online course.

I'm permitted to use any software available to me.

It does not have to be 100% built out, but should convey the vision for the course.

I'll also need to present the project.

So...I elected to use Rise 360. Below is the link. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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Allison LaMotte

Hi Roy,

Wow, it's hard to believe that this is your first Rise 360 project! You've done such a great job with it both from an instructional standpoint and a visual design standpoint. Nice work!

The only real feedback I have here is to think about some more nuanced, less obvious incorrect answers (often referred to as "distractors") for the scenarios and exercises. Try to think about some common mistakes that people make and use those.

Coming up with realistic detractors can be a real challenge, so don't get down on yourself if you're struggling with it. In a real project setting, I'd encourage you to chat with a Subject Matter Expert who could provide you with some real-world examples that would help with this, but since this is a project you're doing in the context of an interview that doesn't seem feasible.That being said, even if you leave the scenarios and exercises as-is, this is a really great course--I'd say you've got a great shot at getting the gig. 

Hopefully this feedback is helpful! Be sure to check back and let us know how everything goes. We're rooting for you! :)

Phil Mayor

I had a look through and added in some comments, I would try and make sure the course talks to the user. In particular where the continue blocks are used change the text to talk to the user e.g.

Let's have a look at...

How can I do that?

It helps the user feel like they are engaged a little more.

I would split the text out of some of the text+image blocks as the balance is off.

Check through for typos I caught one so there are probably more.

Take the zoom off images that do not need it. I would consider putting all instructional text in italics and ensure it is n=consistent throughout.

I would under normal situations suggest taking the author off, but for an interview leave it on.

Good luck!


Roy Phillips

Thanks so much for the feedback and support Allison! I totally agree! It was hard to come up with the scenarios on my own. And yes, I'd think if this we're a real project I would be able to discuss them with the subject matter expert. I also only had 2 days to put this together! I'm going to jump back in and edit a few things. I'll let you guys know if I get the job :) Take care!