Print ANYTHING in StoryLine

By adding a new tab in the player properties panel and assigning it to execute the "window.print();" JavaScript, you can allow your participants to print any/every slide in your StoryLine projects including "Notes" or "Certificate" slides! No need to create a complex JavaScript course certificate solution, simply build a beautiful slide and let your users print it directly from the StoryLine player!

For SL 3 and 360 users, you can also move, reformat, hide, and reveal the button so you can take control over what users can print.

I've included the screen shots I used in the video in the attached Word document along with the JavaScript code snippets and an SL3 .story file.

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Frank Weber


I just tried this with SL3, and it is strange:

It works when I open the published project locally, see screenshot here:

but when I publish the project to the web the PDF is still rendered, but it is empty - it just shows the header and footer?
see screenshot here:

Any suggestions?

Frank Weber

Hi Owen,

I just found out that the problem does not occur when I create a completely new project from scratch. But if I add the code to an older Project (i.e. one that was originally created with SL2 oder maybe even SL1) the problem I described above occurs.Can this be the cause of the problem?
Is there anything I can do about this and make your trick work for existing projects?

Thanks for your feedback,




The print functionality should work regardless of which version of SL you are using or how you are publishing.  However, hacking the SL player to make it a print button and moving it around will only work in SL3* and only when published to HTML5. 

*You can hack the SL2 player if you publish to HTML 5 however, the player elements are labeled differently and you have to modify the code for SL2 from what I have provided in my file.

Tony Dryden

It's not just you Bruce.

I'm having the exact same issues with the  window.print();  command

It will print the page in chrome but it cuts off half of the page.

When I change the Adobe PDF settings in print preview, the player never quite formats correctly to the screen. It would be ideal if the image was centred.



O. Michael Adeniran
Olivia Siggers

Thanks, I need to deliver a project on Tuesday and looking at away for learners to print or email their certificate. I am using storyline 360. The java script used worked but it prints a screen shoot of the certificate , I only need the certificate or the slide.

Natacha Dube
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Jan Brian Caballero

Hi Owen,

First of all, thank you so much for this walk through really helped me a lot. I know it is working for Chrome, however when used with IE it seems that it generates an error that says "There was an internal error, and Internet Explorer is unable to print this document".

Have you had this error before?  Any input on this will be greatly appreciated.

Jeffrey Riley

I have not tested this since the updated version of SL3. I will try to do that and let everyone know what the experience was. I mainly use Chrome or FIreFox but I will also look at Edge and IE. I can also look at my local browser settings as Owen suggests and see if I find any thing that pops out.

I know when I was working for a corporation, the IT people did find the local settings they needed to improve performance. One problem they had was different Internet Providers had different settings so they had to adjust browsers for that.