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Chris Purvis

Hi everyone!

So reading through the blogs etc. and wondering what is a cost effective but relevant LMS to use with Storyline... which has got me to writing a little about it and wondering if anyone has a solution.

I've used various LMS's to test and to implement courses, so what is this conclusion?

Do we use SAP LMS?... Not the best tool but can work great with a lots of customization which = cost... and I mean lots of cost.

Why do I say this.... Well SAP wasn't created as a LMS but as a ERP tool which then added the LMS functionality in as a integration to their current SAP system to be part of the HR component. Yes they have introduced SuccessFactors... but has his worked they way we want it too.

I guess I should ask myself what do we want from a LMS system?

Something to just host electronic learning?. (hopefully not) Or is it to access courses and give us a system which allows us to host training content, track our courses, evaluate our learners and report any learning electronically. (Another interesting subject) 

Which brings me to Moodle... Its cheap but does most of what a company needs. Customization at no cost (themes), evaluation on standard reports (I really mean Standard) and hosting of courses which using a external provider hosting company can cost almost nothing. I must say it doesn't have the best reports unless you have a full time administrator to pull reports and integrate them together in excel to generate your final report. Or if you have a SQL programmer to customize your reports through a Moodle plugin.

Then we have the subject of curriculums which has been a huge part of learning not just within schools but in companies. So where do we start and where do we finish in a cost effective LMS system?

Yes we do have others out there like Cornerstone, SCORM Cloud etc. but these will cost a bundle if your looking at implementing at 1000 users +.

So far... I feel Moddle is a great companion to Articulate courses (SCORM 1.2 & 2004) .... unless your trying Tin Can API of course.... then its not good at all.

Where do we start? and how will we finish?....


Rene R

So far... I feel Moddle is a great companion to Articulate courses (SCORM 1.2 & 2004) .... unless your trying Tin Can API of course.... then its not good at all.


We just implemented Totara (via a platinum partner), which is the corporate version of Moodle. As far as I understand it, and according to our partner, neither supports 2004 natively (see Supported Versions). Perhaps there is a third-party/add-on route for 2004?

It has taken a lot of customization ($$) to get the reports and organizational functionality to the structure we need. So far so good, but still in the import validation/tweaking mode.

Storyline v1 published to LMS/1.2/HTML5 is working well on our desktops and mobile apps. Thank you, Storyline! Can't wait for our 2016 budget to kick in so I can purchase v2!

Maya Yifat


We are looking at Totara as well. But from what I understood, it cannot pull data from SL questions like  drag and drop, text entry, matching drag and drop, etc.

We have many such interactions within our SCORM files and it's a little disheartening to know that we can't pull the data or know what the learners typed into the text entry boxes (then why do we even need them there in the first place?)

insights appreciated!



Jake W.

I have looked at the big legacy systems (Cornerstone, Saba, Learn.com/Taleo/Oracle, Success Factors/Plateau, and SumTotal) — I have never met anyone who liked using these complex and over-priced systems. We explored open source option (e.g., Moodle), but found that you end up spending more on hosting/support than just paying for a solid corporate LMS. We found several that we liked, but landed on Torch LMS. Their system is excellent, and great support too.

Denis Hay

I am in the process of having my website rebuilt "Drupal 7" with the Drupal Opigno LMS Integrated with it.

Does anyone have any experience using Opigno? I have tried to upload a SCROM zip file to Opigno, but the file is 121MB's and was too large to upload. Any help from someone with experience using Opigno would be appreciated.

Pradnya Maske

Here is an option you'd be tempted to try if you are looking for an LMS,
Paradiso LMS - Ask me why? Well for obvious reasons, you get all the latest features and everything that you need at one stop - A one stop solution for all your e-Learning needs.

A short Features list,

Hope this helps.

Siobhan Singh

My previous employer user SumTotal, firstly TotalLMS and then later the newly launched Learn Enterprise.  I actually really like this system in terms of how configurable it was and how much of this configuration we were able to do ourselves without having to go back to our vendor to make changes every time.  I will say that creating library items in the system was a little fiddly and sometimes the structure (in terms of employees and reporting lines) was a little complicated but on the whole from a user perspective it was quite easy to use and navigate and their support desk were pretty great with assisting us too in a timely manner.

My current employer users LearningSeat.  It's very different to SumTotal in that there isn't much configuration we can do ourselves, we need to go back to our vendor almost every single time we need a change made.  Also there isn't a viewable structure in the system, you can link other users as managers but you cannot create a structure at all which can make things a bit messy.  I do find their support desk isn't very quick with responding and when I pick up bugs which they send to their developer, a month can go past without communication and I often have to follow them up rather than getting regular updates which is also quite annoying.  That being said, from a user perspective it is extremely easy to use and intuitive, creating library items is extremely quick and easy (it took 5-10 minutes to set up an ELearning in SumTotal but about 30 seconds in LearningSeat as there is a wizard and you don't have to manually change many settings).

Both systems work perfectly with Articulate (both Studio and Storyline) and both have really good reporting functions although again, LearningSeat's reporting function is probably more user friendly.

Happy to answer questions on either if there are any!

Jacob Selin

I've used six different LMS over the years. These six are
1) Moodle
Moodle is a great tool that I would recommend to most people. It takes some pills and time to read into manuals etc. but works really well when you understand it. 

2) Saba
Unnecessarily large program that has a lot of features most people probably do not use.
Would argue that they have some problems with the SCORM object so I feel that reading (of statistics) is not always true.

3) Ping Pong
One of the best LMS I have experienced. Easy to understand, always works whatever you throw in. Superb support. Probably a little bad on discussion forums but you can not have everything.

4) It's learning
AVOID !!!! AVOID !!!! AVOID !!! How can people like this fucking garbage  is well beyond me. The statistics feature is completely off the wall and I had to reprogram together a custom solution in Excel to make it work. Surprised that the company still lives. 

5) Fronts
OK. Do their job

6) Foxshare
very nice LMS that works just fine in its time.
Was unfortunately acquired by NE (Nationalencyklopedin) to put down the development.
Do not know if you can get it anymore.Possible to the source code available to obtain.

John roberts


The question is right, but our organization finding the LMS, which contains following functionality,

#Competency Management:
- With this, one can track and manage the skills and abilities of an organization's staff and compare them against their business goals.
- This includes performing skills gap analyses and recommending prescriptive learning solutions to correct gaps in the skill base of the organization. It is advantageous to organizations since it is timely and cost-effective.

#Instructor-led Course Management:
- This functionality is time-saving and efficient since it has a single, centralized tracking system. For this reason, it is preferred.

#Tracking and Reporting:
- It provides a wide range of standard and custom summaries and detailed reports, so that the learner may view his average test scores, final test scores, single user report, company log-In record, summary of overall tests taken, etc

michelle eames

I had a demo with Totara a few weeks ago. I would call it Moodle +.  The reporting is great and some of the layout 'features' of moodle that would drive me crazy were resolved.  They are really helpful.  They do have a sandpit you can play with on their website.

I have also used Docebo,  one thing I didn't like was elearning and classroom course are completely separate and you can't put scorm content on the classroom course resources, or put a session on a classroom course so I would end up with 2 courses.

I am currently using Virtual College - its only been a week but there are some great features but not as 'pretty' as Docebo or as customisable as Moodle.